Punish cruel women that left dog in crate covered in feces and didn’t have access to food or water

Tips About Child Custody Lawyers

In order to practice family law an attorney needs to be compassionate, confident, strong willed, determined, and resilient. Family law includes divorce cases, annulments, child custody cases, child support issues, paternity issues, wills, and all things involving people related by blood, or marriage.

When you are talking about child custody with a parent you have to be able to convey what is best for the child to them, even when what is best for the child is not what the parent wants to hear.

• A good child custody lawyer will be able to listen to their client and to all of the facts concerning the child, the two parents of the child, and everything that affects the child, and make an impartial determination about what would be in the best interest of the child.

• Lawyers try to create child support agreements that allow each parent to contribute an equal amount to the caring, and support of the child they share. Good lawyers are able to divide the amount of child support that needs to be paid according to the financial situation of the parent and not just according to the sex of the parent, or to which parent has conservatorship over the child.

• The lawyer you retain to represent you in family law court needs to be from the same county that you live in, or from a neighboring county so they can be up to date on all of the laws of that county.

• The lawyer you retain should be confident. When you interview a prospective lawyer you want them to assure you that they can handle the case you have, and that they can win the case for you. If your lawyer lacks confidence in themselves you will not be able to be confident in them.

• The lawyer you hire has to be one that has experience in the type of family law case that you need assistance with. If the lawyer you hire has never went to court with a case like yours then they do not have the experience that could provide them with winning strategies. You want to see reviews, diplomas, and accolades that assure you that the lawyer you are hiring is the right one for the job.

• Family law attorneys often allow their clients to make payments on their fees instead of paying the full amount up front. The law firm may request that you pay 10% of the fees up front and then make a monthly payment until all fees are paid. They may also waive their fees until after you have been to court because they may ask the judge to order the other party to pay all attorney fees, and court costs.

The biggest tip concerning lawyers who deal with family law issues is that you need to hire someone that you have faith in. When you go to the consultation visit you will spend time with the lawyer talking about the case. This will be enough time for you to determine what type of personality the counselor has, and whether or not you like them.

Family law covers issues like child custody, child support arrangements, child paternity, divorce, and wills. The legal professionals that handle these cases have to know the laws as they relate to these topics. You can get more information from child custody Orange County and child support Orange County.

If you are going through a divorce, one of the most difficult issues revolves around who will be the primary caretaker of your children. Agreements related to the care of children are legally binding and determine exactly which responsibilities each parent will have. Usually, there are two primary issues to be resolved. First, who will be responsible for making legal decisions for the children? Also, where will the children physically reside on a daily basis? The latter can be a jointly shared situation, or one parent can be designated as the primary and sole caretaker. When parents cannot come to an agreement between themselves, custody lawyer can help with the legal proceedings. Here are five ways an attorney can help.

1. Familiarity with Family Law

A skilled, experienced custody lawyer will be thoroughly prepared for any issues. They will understand what the other party may be attempting and have several counter arguments prepared. This is a particularly critical asset if your situation is complicated and your spouse is fighting you for primary control.

2. Experience with Negotiation

According to the American Bar Association, less than five percent of these types of cases actually make it to a judge. That's because in the majority of cases, parents make their own agreement before they end up at the courthouse, usually through negotiations between themselves and their attorneys. Having a trusted custody lawyer is essential during the negotiation phase because an attorney could increase the likelihood that you will get exactly what you desire while retaining your legal rights. An experienced legal counselor will negotiate for your best interests and for the best interests of your kids.

3. Confidence with Courtroom Procedures

If you do end up before a judge, a family law professional will know exactly how to present your case in its best light. They will have confidence with complex courtroom procedures, remaining organized and prepared to use evidence to support your argument.

4. Ability to Set Up Child Support

An experienced custody lawyer will be able to negotiate so that your spouse pays a sufficient amount. On the other hand, representation could ensure that you don't overpay. Without a professional at your side, you may not know how to tackle the support issues, and you could end up with a legally binding, inequitable amount.

5. Capability to Put You and Your Children's Interests First

When attempting to obtain the most beneficial agreement, a trusted attorney will put you and your children's interests first. Experience in family law allows skilled counsel to understand that although this type of battle can be a contentious and stressful situation, it will ultimately be important to come up with a solution that benefits all involved parties. You need someone on your side who will fight for you while also looking out for your kids.

In the end, when making a decision, the court will place a premium on what's in the best interests of the children. A good custody lawyer will fight for you and protect your rights so that your family is cared for and protected in the manner that they deserve.

A 26-year-old Dallas woman accused of depriving her dogs of food and water and making them live in their own waste has been arrested on animal cruelty charges.

The SPCA of Texas reports Corinne O’Hara was arrested on Friday after having two dogs removed from her care on Feb. 25.

Police began their investigation after getting a call from an apartment manager about two dogs that were in distress.

When officers went to check out the apartment, they found two dogs that were in two separate crates.

Investigators said the dogs were covered in their own feces and didn’t have access to food or water.

The owner, O’Hara, agreed to give up the dogs. The dogs were then taken to the SPCA of Texas' Russell E. Dealey Animal Rescue Center to be examined

The two dogs were extremely malnourished, and reportedly had developed sores because they had been covered in their own feces and urine for so long.

The SPCA of Texas will continue to care for the dogs until they are healthy enough to be adopted.
How Do You Choose the Right Child Custody Attorney?

Child custody is one of the biggest issues in the family court system. When a couple is getting a divorce they have to determine where the children from the marriage will live, who will pay for the things the children need, and what is in the best interest of the children.

Child custody and child support are two issues that usually go hand in hand with volatile emotions, psychological stress, and the need for a mediator. You want to make sure you have the best possible attorney in your area to help you with your child custody issues, but how do you decide who is the best?

1. Consider the experience they have
You will need an attorney that has dealt with child support issues in the past. You need an attorney that knows the child support laws in the state you live in, one that is going to fight to make sure that the other parent pays an adequate amount to help support the children produced by the marriage.

2. Consider their proximity to you
You are going to have to meet with the attorney several times during the course of your family law proceedings. If the attorney you choose has offices in another town then you will have to consider what you will have to do in order to get to their office. If it is impossible for you to get to their offices then check to see if the attorney is willing to meet you somewhere closer to your home.

3. Consider their fees
You hate to base your selection on the amount of money that it is going to cost you, but if you cannot afford to pay for your lawyer then you are going to be in even worse shape than you are in now. Ask the attorney to explain their fees, and explain their payment arrangements before you become too involved with them.

4. Look for reviews and referrals
If you have the name of an attorney then you need to look at any reviews you can find about them before you go and see them. Do an online search to see if you can find any written reviews about the lawyer, or the law firm they work with.

5. Interview them
On the first visit to the office of the attorney you are essentially interviewing them for a job. You want to go to this meeting prepared to conduct a thorough interview. Take a small tablet and write down all of the pertinent questions that you want to ask them and carry this tablet with you to the consultation.

6. Listen to your gut
Your gut will let you know when you have found the right person for the job. You will feel confident in the choice you are making. If you feel uneasy about hiring the attorney then your gut is trying to tell you that your subconscious is aware of something that your conscious might not be acknowledging. Listen to your gut.

Child custody cases, and matters concerning child support, require an attorney that is well educated in the family laws of your jurisdiction. You can get more information from child custody Orange County and child support Orange County.

An experienced custody lawyer can help you in the best way to get the custody of your child with maximum benefits to you. Working out on the parenting plan for settling the custody of the child is very important if you and your partner are going through a divorce procedure. The custody lawyer can petition on behalf of you for your custody if you and your partner cannot reach an agreement regarding the custody of the child.

Reasons to Hire a Custody Lawyer

Part of the divorce agreement shall contain the description of where and with whom shall the child stay if you have any. Thus, to negotiate the custody of your child, you need a custody lawyer. The right to take decisions regarding the child's education, welfare, and lifestyle is legally given to the custodial parent (the one the child lives with). Joint custody is also an option for the divorcing parent. This means the child has to divide his/her time among both the parents and the right to make decisions is shared between both the parents. A judge shall help you with the agreement of the custody of the child if you are unable to do that as parents.

Required Experience of the Custody Lawyer

Right kind of experience does not describe practicing law for many years. There are many older lawyers who are unsuccessful in their professions. The knowledge about law and facts is the experience that the custody lawyer should have and the knowledge about how to utilize them in custody case.

Non-Tolerance of Abuse

Two types of cases may receive a little tolerance and require a strong representation. The opportunity to enjoy joint custody or equal parenting time is hardly given to the parents who are abusive (physically or mentally). As the child is the heart of such kind of custody cases, the best kind of advocates knows how to protect the child from such kind of parents.

Thus, before hiring a custody lawyer you need to be aware of the certain requirements that your advocate need to follow for the process. This will help you to keep the custody of your child in your hands while you are divorcing with your partner. Not only should he be experienced in practicing law but should also have sound knowledge in the matter. He is required to intellectually handle cases regarding child abuse and others matters.

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