DUMPED ALONE and in PAIN, Very sad for this angel who has suffered so much

The three words breast, cancer, treatment are probably three words you never thought you would say about yourself. No one wants to think that they could ever suffer from this prevalent disease, but so many do. If your doctor sits you down and tells you that you need to begin those three words, it is going to be okay. Keeping a positive attitude is important.

There are many options available today for breast cancer treatment. It makes it difficult to know what to do because there are so many options. The problem is that many of them could be money-making gimmicks. Some of them might work for some people, while for others they might not. It will take a lot of trial and error. If you are in good health then your first breast cancer treatment will probably be surgery and chemo.

After you begin chemo, you might want to do some research into ways to boost your immune system while helping get rid of the disease. Some clinics have a combined process like this. Check with your insurance to see if any of these clinics are covered. If they are not, you would be wise to set up a website to help get donations to go toward your treatments.

Some people are against alternative medicine because there are always those who take it to an extreme. Extreme might work for some people and some cases. If you would like to try some of the alternatives, do so. It is your body, and you have every right to do what you can to save your life.

Because there is a lot out there, you would be wise to try one thing at a time. Preferably, you could go to a professional in alternative medicine to get help so that you are not just downing an herb here and an herb there. Herbs can be powerful, so you do not want to inadvertently make yourself sicker.

It may take a while, but one day you might wake up, not feeling much different and have the doctor tell you that your disease is in remission. Those words will stay in your mind for a long time. Until then, you should live your life to the best of your ability without giving up on hope. The future is bright with the possibility of a cure being down the road. Do not give up hope that one will be found. For now, your breast cancer treatment is your way of fighting.

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The incidence of breast cancer among women worldwide has been on the rise. An increasing number of cases are reported in the US too. This prevalence of breast cancer can be attributed to several factors. However, there are two major aspects that multiply the risks associated with this disease. The first risk is associated with aging. As you get older, your risk of being diagnosed with it increases. The second risk is linked to being female as this type of cancer is more common among women and rare among men. The radiation or surgery is one of the most common methods employed for treating such cancers.

Over the years, extensive research has been carried out on this cancer to understand the conditions that lead to its occurrence. Here are some conditions that might be directly or indirectly responsible for causing this cancer among women:

If you have had a non-cancerous disease of the breasts, you are more vulnerable to being diagnosed with breast cancer in the subsequent years. The fact that you have heavy or dense breasts could also multiply your risks. Similarly, women who have been diagnosed with this could have a recurrence.

If women in your family (especially your grandmother, mother, sister, or cousins) have a history of this cancer type, your risk increases too. If you have such a family history, it is advisable to get genetic test done to assess your risk and take preventative measures at an early age.

Certain studies have also established that the intake of more than one alcoholic drink per day, or more than seven drinks per week could increase your cancer risk.

Your race could be another deciding factor. It is seen more commonly in White women than those of Hispanic, Asian, or Black descent.

Hormonal factors could also affect the occurrence of this type of cancer. For instance, prolonged estrogen-progestin hormone therapy has in some cases been linked to the prevalence of cancer. Having your first baby late or not bearing a child at all could also be linked to this cancer. There are several other hormonal factors that your medical doctor can throw light on.
The treatment options
However, in the unfortunate event that you are diagnosed with this cancer, surgery and breast cancer treatment can help treat your cancer. Both these treatment techniques have evolved and are often used in combination with each other for maximum results.

In a surgical procedure, the aim is to physically remove the cancer from the breast(s). Various methods such as lumpectomy, partial mastectomy or total mastectomy might be resorted to for this purpose. Breast cancer radiation aims to kill the cancerous cells to prevent them from proliferating further. Radiation has been proven to be effective in preventing the recurrence of cancer. While damage to the healthy tissues was a concern earlier, this aspect has been addressed today with the use of advanced breast cancer radiation that doesn't damage surrounding healthy tissues.

I have many years of experience in health research. I passionate to share my knowledge in advanced breast cancer treatment.

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Breast cancer is the second most common cause of cancer fatalities in women throughout the world. A lot more men are also suffering and dying from the disease these days. Unfortunately, like other types of cancers, the cause of this type of cancer is still a mystery. Researchers have for centuries tried to find the connection between various drugs, lifestyles, genes and environmental factors and the disease. Their studies have come up with a list of risk factors which could increase the risk of a woman or man contracting the disease.

However, it should be noted that not all women or men who have these risk factors will suffer from the disease. In fact, there are people who have more than one risk factor who never suffer from this disease. There are also people who suffer and die from the disease though they did not expose themselves to any of the risk factors. These factors are simply supposed to guide an individual and their doctor to be more vigilant so that they can be able to diagnose and treat the disease as early as possible.

The first risk factor for this type of cancer is genetic disposition. Individuals whose mothers, sisters or other relatives suffered from breast cancer are more likely to suffer from the disease themselves. This is especially the case if the relative suffered from this disease before they were forty years old. The second risk factor is radiation therapy to the chest. Individuals who have radiation therapy done on their chest, especially before the age of thirty are at a higher risk of contracting this type of cancer.

The menstrual history of a woman is also linked to formation of cancer cells on their breast in later years. Women who had their first period before they were twelve years old are at a higher risk of getting this disease. Also, women who had their first child when they were past forty years have an increased chance of getting this type of cancer. Women who have never had any children also face a greater danger of contracting this disease.

More people get breast cancer during their senior years, though it is not uncommon for women under forty to get the disease. Obesity after menopause is considered a risk factor for this type of cancer. Menopausal hormone therapy that contains certain hormones such as progestin and estrogen could also increase chances of cancer. Individuals who are physically inactive or who consume large quantities of alcohol are also more likely to get this type of cancer.

Race has also been considered as a risk factor for cancer of the breast. This is because more Caucasians have been diagnosed with the disease compared to the number of blacks, Asians and Latina women. If a woman has had any changes in their genes, they are more likely to get this disease. Changes in the breasts as well as abnormal or atypical cells in the breast are also a risk factor for this type of cancer.

A person's personal medical history is also a risk factor. Therefore, a woman who has already suffered from cancer on one breast has a higher chance of suffering from the disease again on the same breast or on the other breast. Individuals who have these risk factors should share their concerns with their health care provider so that they can have regular screening mammograms. This will help them to detect and treat the disease as soon as possible.

The most difficult time you might ever encounter in your life could be when you have to start breast cancer treatment. Even though it is difficult, you know that it is what you need to do to save your life. All treatments are not equal. It is important that as you set out to find the right place that you find a place that has a balanced approach to treatments.

It will not be easy researching something like this. You probably never thought you would be on the computer looking for breast cancer treatment centers and here you are. Do not despair though; there is definite hope when it comes to various cancers today. There is so much research being done, that for all you know the cure is just around the corner.

As you look for the right place, you should also include in your search places that do studies to try out new treatments. If you fit the right criteria, you could end up being a candidate for one of these studies. With each one, they may be getting one step closer to finding the right one.

The best treatments that you can give yourself are the pills of hope, faith, and love. You can hope for a future ahead of you that you will be around. You can have faith that no matter what happens, everything will be okay. You can love your family and friends while you are with them, so that if your treatments are not successful, you will leave them with wonderful memories, and if they are successful, you will have those memories to live with as well. Your attitude has a great deal to do with how you will recover, so try to keep a positive one.

Finding a breast cancer treatment center is important; so as you look at the various ones, make sure that you find one that is open to any treatment that heals. That could mean alternative medicines that will help your immune system through chemo and also help with the eradication of the cancers in your body. Even if you do not believe in alternative medicine now, you may choose to try it as an option later if the chemo is not working as well as you had hoped or if the doctors think a combination would be beneficial.

Once you find the right place for you, make yourself at home, try to be content with your surroundings, and strive to love those around you who are going through the same thing. Being bitter will not make you better. Whether or not you have a family to support you, the staff and patients at that breast cancer treatment center may quickly become your family.

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