The person covered the dogs head with a plastic bag, and threw him over the bridge into the water

Although, for most of us, our house, represents our single - largest, financial asset, when, we go, to either, buy, or sell it, the vast majority of individuals, seem to choose, their real estate agent/ representative, in a somewhat, haphazard manner. Wouldn't we better off, if we hired, a true, QUALITY agent, and proceeded, with the necessary degree of consideration, to make a decision, which best - served, our personal best interests? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why it's a logical, meaningful, important consideration.

1. Quest; questions: Thoroughly interview, potential agents, and discover, their quest, focus, and reasoning. Only when a client asks the most relevant questions, will there be, the best potential of hiring, the individual, who will best serve your best interests!

2. Useful; unique; urge: What unique services, and value, does one agent offer, which someone else, may not, to the same degree? Are these qualities, and services, truly useful? Will the individual, you hire, urge you, to move, in the best - possible direction?

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention; articulate: A real estate transaction, and the period leading up to it, is often stressful, and thus, your agent, must possess a true, positive, can - do, attitude! This must be combined with the finest skill - set, and development of a relevant aptitude, which will best serve your needs, and bring about desirable results! Will the person, you choose, pay keen attention to you, and your needs, rather than his personal, self - interest? Hire someone, who is capable of clearly articulating, the best message, to serve your purposes!

4. Listen; learn; leading: When you interview potential agents, observe whether they listen, clearly, on what you say, rather than interrupting, and articulating some self - serving, pre - planned, message! Great representation comes from learning, what you need, and leading you, in the proper direction!

5. Integrity; ideals; ideas; imagination: The single, most important, issue, is to only hire, someone, who will consistently, maintain absolute integrity, even when it might be inconvenient! Are their ideals, based on, and aligned with, yours? Does the individual possess the level of developed, imagination, to provide the best ideas, to meet your needs, and best interests?

6. Timely; trends: The real estate agent, you hire, should understand, and utilize, the finest, relevant trends, and have the self - confidence, and ability, to proceed, with well - considered, timely actions!

7. Yes; you; yours: It must be an agent's priority, to say, yes, to your best interests, even when it may be challenging! This person must maintain his allegiance, to you!

Hire a real estate agent, who will provide the finest QUALITY! Proceed carefully, and protect yourself, and your financial and personal assets!

Alright usually I don't give a shit what people do but this needs to be posted. This morning I witnessed a person throw something off the bridge on clens rd. Over by 159. Got out to look and saw it was a dog that had a plastic bag wrapped around its head then thrown into the water as it died. Not only is this absolutely disgusting but whoever did this deserves an ass beating. People would gladly take your dog if you don't want it give it away.

Now I know who it is after running the plate. But heres what really bothers me. This person is a veteran. What in the actual shit is wrong with you? You're a veteran act like it and unf**k yourself. Heres a picture of the car and the poor dog.

The person covered the dogs head with a plastic bag, and threw him over the bridge into the water. Thankfully the person got the plates.

Texas plate number DV-08105

Report at ‬ ‭+1 (979) 865-3122‬
Bellville, Texas

UPDATE: apperantly not the owner driving was a larger Mexican dude waiting for my go pro to get charged and I'll try and upload the pic of him.

Trevor Blankenship
Whether you are looking to sell your home, or seeking to buy either your first house, or a new one, statistics indicate, those represented by quality, responsive real estate agents, generally, obtain the best/ finest results! In most areas, there are a large number of agents, to choose from, so doesn't it make sense, to take the time, and make the effort, to carefully, interview several, and determine, who's best, for you? There are many factors to consider, but, since, for most of us, our house, represents, either our single - largest, or one of our largest, financial assets, it's worth the effort, to get, what you need, and deserve. In other words, you need a CARING real estate agent, and. only, when you take the time, and effort, to choose wisely, it's in your best interests. With that in mind, this article will briefly examine, consider, and review, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents.

1. Character; clarity; cooperative: Focus on the true character, of each individual, Will he proceed, with the level of clarity, to make a quality difference, for the better? Does the prospective agent, proceed with a cooperative approach, rather than an adversarial one?

2. Attitude; aptitude; attention; articulate: You benefit when your representative possesses a positive, can - do, attitude, and looks for ways, you can, rather than focusing on problems. How well - developed are the individual's skills and aptitude? Will he pay keen attention, to you, and your needs? Choose someone who is articulate, and clearly communicates with all parties!

3. Relevant; realistic; ready: Markets and economies change, and only someone, who pays attention, and uses relevant methods and approaches, achieves the finest results. Avoid someone who seeks to buy, your listing, by suggesting an overly optimistic, listing price. Is the agent, ready, for prime - time?

4. Integrity; ideas; imagination: The single - biggest thing to demand, is someone with absolute integrity! When you find this, then you need someone who will have a well - developed, relevant imagination, and ideas, which make a difference, for the better!

5. Needs; neighborhood: Choose someone who knows the neighborhood, thoroughly, and believes in it. Combining this, with putting your needs, first, is in your best - interest!

6. Generate goodwill; great: A great agent proves his worth and value. by generating goodwill, based on a combination of integrity, knowledge, skill - set, negotiating ability, and other relevant characteristics, as well as his responsiveness, etc. Find yourself, a great, rather, than, merely a good one!

Who you choose to serve your real estate needs, has a significant impact! Choose wisely, and carefully, and make it, a great - fit!

3 Responses to "The person covered the dogs head with a plastic bag, and threw him over the bridge into the water"

  1. Assuming that you checked to see if the dog was alive, and that you gave the information to the police.

  2. Run down and take the bag off and bring the dog to animal hospital

  3. Trevor did you report the incident???? We re you certain the dog was dead or was it extremely injured???


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