Scared puppies, born in or around the vacant warehouse, Who chewed them up?

Many health trends and fads have come and gone and only a few handfuls remain after being proven true and effective. Though these regimens have been globally accepted and agreed upon, one thing's for sure, no amount of health cheats can prevent nature and the effects of aging but that does not mean you stop there and give up trying to better your life. Try looking into long-term care planning.

Long term care (LTC) and long term care insurance (LTCI) has been around a few number of years and millions of Americans have experienced the joys of the benefits given by it. It's a little interesting that despite the millions that have been service by LTCI, there are still thousands and thousands of Americans who are completely oblivious about it. It's either they haven't encountered it or avoid it.

Not having encountered somebody who doesn't know something as popular as sliced bread can definitely be surprising but they do exist. However, encountering someone who doesn't want to know anything about it and has been consciously avoiding it probably has either a reasonable excuse or refuses to admit that they can't afford it, or in most cases, can't afford to live on if they had it.

Long term care planning has been notoriously known as another luxury created solely for the rich and those with high paying jobs. Though this notion constantly floats around, there are thousands of average Americans with average or minimum income who have LTCI. Now that's a surprise. These people have worked hard their entire life and figured that if they do nothing about their future, their future will be nothing.

Having a fit and healthy body is outstanding but no matter the amounts of effort applied on keeping the body in top shape; natural aging and degeneration can still get the best of anybody. Getting old is one thing, but getting old with a disease is a whole new level of perspective. People sometimes forget that LTCI is not just for old people but even for young people who may have a terminal condition.

Hereditary diseases are included in the types of conditions that LTCI has been seen and proven invaluable. Many have benefited from its high quality treatments and some have seen promising and amazing recoveries and regardless of the recovery, these individuals continue to receive treatment as a form of maintenance to avoid from having to get ill again. LTCI is very flexible and adaptable to anyone.

Planning about the future is the same as thinking of becoming a doctor or an engineer as a child but it this case, it is more about self security and rediscovering being independent. Rediscovering independence is an idea about not having to depend on family, or people you may live with such as friends, in order for you to continue living but instead, you have LTCI to assist you in life.

Your family should always come first. Therefore, it is important to do everything within your power to make sure they are cared for, regardless of what the future may bring. The family should be well cared for if something happened to you or your spouse. Furthermore, the children should receive a life cover that they will need when they get older. The right policy can help secure the financial future of the family upon the premature death of the breadwinner. The family life insurance is a family life package that you can purchase for your loved ones - for a single rate - under a single policy. The reasons for purchasing the family life package include:

· Support a thriving program

The breadwinner should purchase the right policy to offer the right protection to the family and promote thrift programs that brings on board the children regardless of their age. However, the younger the child, the cheaper the policy is because age provides an important bargain in insurance. Therefore, the right policy is able to solve the basic need of protecting the family. Hence, a policy can be purchased if you are recently married or have recently become new parents.

· Safeguard the family's lifestyle

The death of either the father or mother can be financially disabling. Therefore, every parent wants to make sure the family has a good policy. In the event of the untimely death of one of the spouses the benefits derived from the policy will be able to ensure the surviving members do not suffer financially. Furthermore, the parents will be able to leave a resource for special reasons, such as contributing towards a daughter's or son's wedding, giving gifts & bequests or providing for a disadvantaged or disabled child.

· More finances at your disposal

If you have received a promotion or a new job that has increased your financial value, you should consider purchasing a good family life policy. Additional finances give you the ability to afford enough insurance protection. Therefore, when the policy matures, the family will receive benefits to support their up keep- among other needs. An insurance cover for the family has never been so affordable; you can expect to find a policy that falls within your budget. To get the best policy, you may need to shop from leading service providers. To get cheaper rates, it is important for the family to avoid tobacco and other nicotine products.

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Few people realize that they are getting older by the second. Time passes and it goes too fast and yet people still realize nothing about it. Along with the neglect of time, there are many other valuable matters that we nonchalantly ignore. Number one is health and this has been affected by time through inflation. Yearly, inflation occurs and the only way to fight it is by understanding long term care costs.

In 2012, the monthly cost of care sums up to roughly $6,000 and it doesn't include other expenditures such as medicine, equipment and facilities. To put it simply, it sums up to $72,000 annually. All these numbers only translate to one thing; if your annual salary does not equal to an amount going over $80,000, it's either you don't have long term care insurance (LTCI) or you have but struggling to live with a tight belt.

The cost of care can't be predicted but what can be safely assumed is that, nothing is exempted from inflation. But from this alone, a person cannot make a valid reason why they have to neglect the future of their health care. Despite all the years of hard work, a person reaching their later age and not have a solid safety net for their health care can be seen as an unfortunate situation to be in.

Nobody wants to get old and have nothing to show for. It may not always be tangible things but investing on the right insurance products proves to be more valuable than a fancy car or a nice boat. Going back to inflation, a car, a boat or even a house can be bought for a price but the price goes up every year.

The same is said about LTCI. Get to know the current long term care insurance cost and do a comparison from previous years.

Owning tangible properties are good investments but the time will come when eventually, a person cannot enjoy these items and soon, it will come to attention that all these luxurious properties do not amount to having an LTCI. Looking back, it has been mentioned that LTCI is considered as an excessive expenditure but this is far from the truth. It is expensive and costly but it is, in truth though unknown, affordable.

The rates of LTCI has undergone many changes so average citizens can afford it without having second thoughts. Benefits can be tailored to the future needs of possible applicants so you can feel the value of what you are paying for. LTCI vendors and specialists can assist you by conducting evaluations regarding about health and age to maximize the benefits. Long-term care insurance has become very adaptable and accessible.

Once again with inflation, though this type of insurance seems expensive now, based on the cost backtracks, it used to be a third of what it costs today and giving three to four years, it will probably have doubled. Time is of the essence, go to your local LTCI vendor and don't let long term care insurance cost goes up before you can afford it.

Being a holder of long term care insurance is an infallible way of getting covered against long term care expenses. Though of utmost importance, a huge chunk of the population are still shying away from the very concept of this policy because they associate it with soaring premiums. That's not always the case. In fact LTC insurance cost can be lessened in order to fit your budget.

Having a policy at your disposal is very important. This fact has been stressed time and time again by financial and insurance experts alike. Why? Because long term care services can come at hefty prices and they are continually on the rise. Truth is, by 2030, current rates are expected to quadruple. Choosing to self-insure with your $500,000 nest will not be enough to cover your care requirements beyond a year.

Think about it this way. In the years to come, cost of long term care will be at $608 daily for in-home care and $386,900 yearly for a private room inside a nursing home. That's what the price tags will look like when current rates have grown four times. We all know that's not a distant possibility as it is estimated and expected to take place. Now, will your retirement nest be able to handle that?

In order to avert the impact of these huge figures against your finances, then you better begin the process of buying a policy now. Here are some ways on how you can reduce the cost of long term care insurance:

1. Do the necessary preparations

Do your home work and shop around. Familiarize yourself with the different companies that sell this kind of policy. You can narrow down your choices by looking into their profiles, track records, claims payment history and customer satisfaction ratings. Examine their policies and rates thoroughly. Prices for the same plan can have a difference of 60-90%. Acquire the best deal by taking time when shopping around and comparing policies.

2. Include a rider against inflation

Your policy's maximum benefit is parallel to how much you will pay for premiums. Instead of going for a high maximum benefit, it is advisable that you pay more attention to getting your policy protected against inflation. Having this rider ensures that your benefits will keep up with the increases in care costs. If you buy purchased at the age of 40, your policy's benefits would be double the initial amount by the time you reach 54 or 60.

3. Increase the elimination period

Another way to save on premiums is by going for a longer elimination period. If you are not at risk for a high level of care, you can go for a waiting period amounting to even 180 days. Remember that your initial care expenses will be relatively low. Think of it as saving your coverage for care requirements that are more advanced and expensive. In addition, increasing this period can make your benefits last longer.

The cost of long-term care insurance is not as crippling as most people think. What's financially catastrophic is facing the need of long term care uninsured. Keep in mind that your premiums are actually dependent on you and it can be set to an amount that's friendly to your budget.

Learn more about the cost of long term care insurance here.

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