An elderly dog sat quietly after returned to shelter due to becoming blind, very scared in her final days

Credit cards are not just for spending money, but can also, when used correctly, help generate substantial savings through reward points. However, that's actually only a small part of the benefits on offer. Nowadays a majority of credit cards even zero annual fee cards actually come loaded with various lesser known features that can help you save your hard-earned money. Among the lesser known benefits of a credit card, these complimentary insurance benefits are perhaps the least availed. In the following sections, we will discuss how you can generate savings by taking advantage of these free to avail insurance benefits.

Cellphone Replacement Coverage

We live in an age where each new cellphone tends to be more expensive than its predecessor. Thus getting your cellphone damaged or stolen can significantly impact your budget. Now a few credit cards offer a cellphone replacement coverage feature, which kicks in when you pay your monthly mobile bill using an eligible card. Through this complimentary coverage, you can get the device protected from theft or damage for each month you use your card to pay the mobile bill. There are definitely a few limitations to the coverage such as a deductible amount, a maximum cap on the coverage, a limited number of claims in a year and no coverage in case of a device that's lost. Even with these limitations, your savings would be substantial in case you have to buy a new phone due to theft or damage of the existing one.

Hotel Insurance

Travelling helps one relax and though no one wants to run into problems while vacationing, sometimes the unexpected does happen. The complimentary hotel insurance benefit offered by a few card providers can definitely help out in case your property gets stolen from your hotel room. This coverage is applicable as long as the room was paid for in full with an eligible credit card. Some card providers offer this benefit only at domestic hotels, while others may allow this benefit even at international locations.

Baggage Insurance

Airline baggage tracking technology has improved substantially over the years however once in a while a piece of check-in baggage does still go missing, end up at the wrong place or get damaged while in transit. A few credit cards will compensate you for such baggage losses/damages however, using an eligible card for buying the airline ticket is mandatory to avail this benefit. There is a related insurance benefit as well - baggage delay insurance. This feature compensates you for items in your luggage that you might need to replace due to delayed baggage delivery or because your suitcase ended up at the wrong airport.

Travel Accident Insurance

Insurance are all about planning for worst case scenarios and you might be eligible to receive compensation for accidents that happen during your travels. A number of leading credit card providers offer complimentary travel accident insurance to their card holders provided the card is used to book the trip/air tickets. However, there are a number of limits to this benefit which vary from once card to another so the card holder should consider having more comprehensive disability and life insurance policies in place.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Unpredictability is an integral part of life and sometimes an illness or emergency can force you to cancel a trip that's been planned and paid for months before. Often you have to shell out quite a bit of cash to make these cancellations. But, if your card offers the trip cancellation insurance benefit, you might be lucky enough to recoup these cancellation charges either completely or at least partially. Obviously, you need to make the entire booking using your eligible credit card in order to qualify for this service. Some key limitations of this benefit include the definition of "emergency" which may differ from one card issuer to another as well as a cap on the total amount that you can claim as reimbursement in lieu of cancellation charges paid.

Automobile Rental Insurance

This is probably the most well known among various complimentary insurance benefits that present day credit cards provide. This is in fact one of the main features that is pitched to a prospective applicant when they apply for a credit card that offers travel benefits. A rented car does come with the option of buying a separate insurance and in case you purchase that, your credit card's complimentary rental car insurance cannot be availed. However, buying a separate rental insurance cover can be quite expensive, while you can get it for free by using an eligible credit card to make your rental car booking.

Things to Keep in Mind When Availing Complimentary Insurance Benefits

Whenever you avail an insurance product, a number of terms and conditions need to be satisfied before you receive a payout from the insurer. While some of these terms and conditions like the definition of an "emergency" for a trip cancellation can differ from one card to another, the definition of a "stolen" item would probably be similar no matter which credit card you use. The following are some key facts to remember about your complimentary insurance benefits:

The card provider and your complimentary insurance provider are not the one and the same. The insurance benefits on your credit card are underwritten by a separate entity who will handle your claim with your card issuer acting as an intermediary.
Don't expect the reimbursement payout to happen immediately. As with any insurance reimbursement application, there will a period of waiting involved while your claim is processed. So be patient.
Make sure you understand the specific terms and conditions of the policy before availing it. In case of certain options like the auto rental insurance, talking to your current auto insurance provider/card company regarding coverage prior to availing the complimentary auto rental benefit can save you a lot of trouble in the future.
The key documents/information you would need to provide to your card issuer/designated authority in order to raise a claim would include Proof of Loss, description of injury/damage, extent/type of loss, proof of payment method, etc.
These free insurance benefits on your credit card can help you save quite a bit and though these benefits cannot replace the value that comprehensive life or health insurance provides, every penny saved is as good as a penny earned!

It is terribly heartbreaking just how many BLIND seniors find themselves at the shelter, and Azul is the latest I am trying to stay optimistic for a positive outcome, because Azul had been adopted not too long ago, in Feb. 2018, from the Baldwin Park shelter, and whoever adopted her knew she was a special needs dog. The shelter is currently performing a trace on her microchip to locate her adopter, which is why she is not available to the public until Feb. 21st.

We know a dog like Azul won’t have adopters lining up to put their name on the waitlist, so we’re hoping the #RescueVillage can start networking Azul to their favorite rescues. Azul is geriatric with worn teeth, and has obvious vision impairment... she has abnormal eyes (microphthalmic) with discharge. Despite her circumstances, this sweetie is friendly and gentle.

Please share Azul and don’t forget to tag your favorite rescues and pledge, too. As always, fosters are in short supply and deeply appreciated! Thank you

Kennel #B102
Baldwin Park Animal Care Center
4275 N. Elton Street
Baldwin Park CA 91706
Mon to Thu: 12pm - 7pm
Fri to Sun: 10am - 5pm
Or call (24-hr call center):
Hit 5, then 2, then 2
Must have ID number (ID: #A5148326 AZUL)

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Today's consumers have a full range of options when choosing products and services. And a shrewd shopper considers their choices and weighs their options in order to obtain the best product for their specific requirements.

Unfortunately, its obvious many consumers do not always do their research when it comes to where they keep their hard earned money. There are many banking options but research tells us that over 65 percent of consumers would not switch banks even if they had a negative experience or life change.

If you are currently banking with one of the "big banks" and are not happy with their services there are numerous reasons to consider banking with a credit union. If you're not quite convinced they can be the right path for your finances, here's a breakdown of the benefits of banking with a credit union.

Personalized Customer service

Because credit unions are banks for the people by the people and have smaller memberships than the typical larger institutions, you are able to get customized personal service. It's much more of an intimate relationship than you would have at a traditional bank. The credit union employees actually know you and are invested in your success as a member. That's because their focus is on making every consumer interaction a personal one, void of lines, long phone waits, and canned responses.


Since they serve their local communities, most of the time branches are not available outside of their service area. To make up for that they sometimes reimburse members for ATM fees or offer a shared ATM network if members have to go out of network to have access to their money.


Credit unions are owned and operated by their members. The minute you make your first deposit, you will have voting rights.

Lower Account Fees

They also have fewer fees across the board because they have lower overhead costs. Because they are typically smaller operations than big banks they can pass their overhead savings on to their members. According to more than 75% of credit unions offer free checking, compared to 40% of banks. And many don't stop there. They even pay members rewards in the form of high interest or dividends, cash back, and other perks, like ATM fee refunds.

Monthly maintenance fees are lower and members don't have to keep as high a balance in the accounts to escape these fees.

Serving the Underserved

Credit Unions serve those that are usually locked out of the traditional banking system. This covers the large number of immigrants in communities that would otherwise not have access to necessary financial services.

Supporting the local community

The money that is deposited in your local credit union supports its members and the local community. They channel funds back into the local economy in the form of loans in support of small business, home purchase and loans that help members accomplish their financial goals.

Interest Rates

They offer higher-yield savings and checking account rates. Good luck finding an interest-yielding bank account at a megabank. They yield next to nothing for their account holders.

No scams:

Employees aren't pressured to meet unreasonable sales goals. So rest easy, no one is going to open a secret account behind your back.

Federally Insured

Your money is no more safe at a big bank than it is at a local credit union. Just like the FDIC at a traditional bank, deposits up to $250,000 at a credit union are insured by NCUA - a federally backed agency.

First-name basis:

They take time to know their members. You'll be a name, not just an account number.

Technologically Advanced

Credit Union's have come a long way from their once obsolete style of banking. Today, the technology used at a credit union is just as advanced as a megabank. They have online banking options that feature mobile check deposit, smart chip cards, mobile apps, online bill pay, e-statements and more.

If you're looking to move your money from a traditional bank to a credit union, what's holding you back? I would encourage everyone to research their local credit union to see what they can offer. If nothing else, it's worth opening a checking or savings account. You'll pay less in fees and get more personalized service.

We don't think the big banks are doing business the right way. We believe it is our job to inspire our members with the financial tools that meet their needs. Have a real relationship with your credit union. When you bank at allU.S., we see you as part of a community that makes it all work. We want you to succeed so we'll be there for you with honest advice, products and services that focus on your success. So, ditch unnecessary fees and inferior personal service. Rest easy with a financial institution that will give back in big ways.

5 Responses to "An elderly dog sat quietly after returned to shelter due to becoming blind, very scared in her final days"

  1. anything on this poor dog i am in florida feel so sad

  2. Our pug went blind due to diabetes. Having a blind dog isn't horrible. There is a period of adjustment for everyone and then you just live. They learn their area and can navigate quite well. Jake's only real problem was with a houseful of company, which would disorient him. We would stay close hand help him. DONT PASS ON A BLIND DOG. THEY ARE VERY LOVING.

  3. Update please??? Is this dog safe???

  4. PLease someone adopt this precious dog. You do not throw away a dog just because she is blind. My baby, Carlie,was going blind, but I never thought about throwing her away. I kept her intil she passed to The Rainbow Bridge..


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