3 month old paralyzed puppy begging to be saved from deadliest shelters

Cushing's Syndrome is a fairly uncommon medical condition. However, despite the fact that it only affects 3 in a million new people per year, it is a condition that most life insurance companies consider to be relevant.

Fortunately, even if you have Cushing's Syndrome, there are likely many life insurance policies that are well within your reach. Having any sort of long-term medical condition may make the insurance application process a bit more difficult, but this does not mean you do not have any reasonable options.

Begin by meeting with a doctor

Cushing's Syndrome is something that can often be effectively treated, though there is still a significant amount of research that needs to be done. Before you develop a long-term financial plan, it is important to meet with a doctor to understand the specific state of your condition. Getting a proper diagnosis from a licensed professional is absolutely essential.

Cushing's Syndrome is a condition that is characterized by numerous different signs and symptoms:

• Obesity that is restricted strictly to the abdomen
• Prolonged exposure to cortisol
• Acne and other skin conditions
• Weakness in the muscles and bones
• Swelling of the face, neck, and shoulders
• High blood pressure

As you might assume, many of these symptoms are commonly associated with other medical conditions as well. This is why meeting with a doctor is so fundamentally important. Once you understand the state of your condition, you can develop a long-term treatment plan and also develop an appropriate financial strategy.

Not all life insurance companies are the same

Life insurance companies typically price their policies based on the statistically expected lifespan of the individuals applying for them. Though Cushing's Syndrome is not considered fatal by any means, having this condition will often make you a 'higher risk' individual in the eyes of a life insurance provider.

It is important to note that not all companies (or even all life policies) are the same. While Cushing's Syndrome might increase the cost of a policy from one company, it might be completely ignored by another.

When comparing different policies, there are a few things you should consider:
• What are your current life insurance needs?
• How long have you had Cushing's Syndrome? How severe are the symptoms?
• Do you have any other relevant or related conditions?

Another important thing to recognize is that many insurance companies may allow you to retroactively reduce your monthly premiums. What this means is that with a successful treatment, any increase in premiums due to Cushing's Syndrome can potentially be removed.

Consider applying for guaranteed issue life

Another option for people with Cushing's Syndrome-especially those who are older-is a guaranteed life insurance policy. With a guaranteed policy, you do not have to undergo a medical exam. Consequently, this means that the presence of your condition may be made entirely irrelevant.

One drawback of guaranteed policies is that they usually only provide you with a limited amount of coverage. However, even keeping this in mind, these policies may be able to effectively meet your needs. If you are willing to do your research, compare different options, and follow your doctor's instructions, navigating the world of life insurance as a person who has Cushing's Syndrome may be more possible than you might think.

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This possibly paralyzed puppy has been sitting in the shelter for 2 days now!


Rowdy 40814597 is a 3 month old heeler, 17 pounds, not neutered, and possibly paralyzed -
per vet - Lameness: RF LF RR LR Comments: No Deep pain in back legs. Deep pain in front legs. No reflex in front legs. Despite this staff says he is a complete sweetheart.

Foster, rescue, and pledges needed!

Do not call the shelter. All rescue tags must be sent via EMAIL: fwacctag@fortworthtexas.gov

This animal is located at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control/Chuck Silcox Adoption Center, 4900 Martin Street, Fort Worth Texas 76119.

STATUS : - Tagged by Rescue
Seeing your loved ones struggling with financial burden is a frustrating experience and we believe, you too won't wish the same to happen. Buying a final expense insurance now will keep the family members away from the stress of arranging a funeral after your departure. In this article, you will get a detailed information of how much a particular service cost while buying insurance.

What Final Expense Insurance Is Made For

These are the insurance policies designed with an objective to help people pre-plan their funeral ceremony and protect their loved ones from an additional financial burden. This means if you have bought a final expense life insurance for seniors, you won't need to worry about funeral arrangements and expenses after the demise of parents and can peacefully grieve in solitude. Your nearest or preferred funeral home will arrange the funeral in a smooth way and the insurance provider will take care of all the expenses. However, to get a cover, you need to inform the insurance provider about the demise of an insured as soon as possible so that they can communicate with the preferred funeral home and required arrangements can be made in time.

Some life insurance plans are also there that take care of funeral expenses but not everyone can afford a life insurance just for the sake of a funeral expense cover. Also, there are people who don't qualify for a life insurance plan due to their specific medical conditions. In this scenario, funeral expense plans have an edge over life insurance. You don't need to undergo any medical examination to prove your insurability and anyone can get insurance for themselves. Even, you have someone in the family suffering from a terminal disease, you can easily get a plan for them, without being interrogated about the same.

How Is the Insurance Cost Calculated?

There are numerous things that decide whether the funeral cost will too low or high and the same decides the cost of an insurance plan. You can get in touch with insurance experts or representatives to get an idea how are the insurance costs calculated, and which plan will be the most suitable for you. But before you do so, you are suggested to get multiple final expense insurance quotes from online insurance portals. Once you have got the quotes, you have an idea about the average costs of an insurance plan. Now, you can shortlist tops 3 or top 5 insurance plans and talk to representatives of those insurance companies. They will ask your funeral related preferences and let you know how much does a particular service cost and how can you eliminate the services you don't need. For your comfort, we are providing an estimate of some most common services and their costs below:

Professional Services
These are basic services that you will have to pay for whenever you arrange a funeral. Under these, you may have to pay around $600 for the basic services provided by funeral home staff. The embalming service costs around $700 and you may need to pay another $400 for other preparation services.

Facilities and Staff Services
The funeral homes provide the cemetery and graveside services and arrange the viewing or a wake ceremony for friends, relatives and loved ones of the deceased. Under these services, you may have to pay $900 for viewing or a wake ceremony and would have to pay around $600.

Transportation Services
They transport the remains to the funeral home through a regular hearse and you would have to pay around $200 for transportation and $250 for the hearse. If you decide to transport the remains through a limousine, that would cost you around $200 extra.

Under this category, the funeral homes provide the casket or cremation urn for the deceased. If the deceased had wished to be cremated, they will be provided the cremation urn, otherwise a casket for around $3500. Also, they provide burial or urn vault for $2500 and for the memorial tombstone service, you will have to pay another $1000.

Other Expenses
These include some additional services such as floral arrangements, burial clothing, food, airfare and accommodation for visitors and other optional services that may add another $1000 for the same.

Optinsure and has been providing insurance-related support and services to help customers make their most crucial financial decisions. Owing to his vast knowledge and expertise in the industry, Anil has been successfully solving people's queries about insurance options in different niches. His premium services for providing cheapest final expense insurance quotes has enabled him to cater a huge clientele group and get appreciated among the same.

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