“Unwanted christmas gift.” That’s the reason this baby was mercilessly surrendered to shelter

In fact, breast cancer incidence is still higher in developed countries like the USA in contrast to developing countries in Asia and Africa. This is attributed to the difference in lifestyle and life expectancy between different regions.
Breast cancer develops as a consequence of exposure to different risk factors. Age and gender is already an established risk factor for this cancer. Females that are 40 years old or older have higher risk of developing it compared to males. Family history is also a key risk factor. Studies have shown that females have 4 times higher risk of developing breast cancer in the presence of first degree relatives with the disease, and five times higher if there are at least three members of the family who have this disease. Moreover, a history of ovarian cancer in the family is also associated to increase risk of acquiring breast cancer. Lifestyle related factors such as obesity, alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking are also risk factors. Other risk factors that are important to mention are getting pregnant at a later age, not being able to bear a child, and an early onset of menses and late age of menopause. These are all hormone-related risk factors proven to contribute to increased risk of exposing to this disease.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer aren't specific, but are obvious and they could show in variety of ways. Typically, alterations of the normal breast size, shape and color are the earliest signs and these could include a presence of a lump in one or both breasts, a rash around the nipples, nipples become inverted and may have abnormal discharges such as blood. There are also probabilities that a patient could feel pain on the breast or on the armpits. Observing any of these signs and symptoms warrant a checkup to a doctor for a more detailed examination of the breast.
Diagnosis of breast cancer is pretty straightforward. It can be suspected if the patient presents with the signs and symptoms mentioned above and those symptoms could be confirmed by an imaging study such as breast ultra-sonography or mammography. A breast mass biopsy is also needed to find out whether the mass or masses are benign or malignant in nature. Results of these studies will determine the appropriate management of breast cancer.

Surgery is still the mainstay of management of breast cancer especially those who have been diagnosed early. It has been proven to cure this cancer without the need of adjuvant treatment. Adjuvant treatment such as radiation, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy are usually reserved to those cases that are too late to be managed by surgery alone.

There is a steady decrease in mortality rates of breast cancer over the last two decades primarily because of the advancement in medical and surgical technology as well increased awareness of those individuals at risk for developing the said disease. However, this is not uniform in all parts of the world. Developing countries still struggle to get enough support from the government to push forward programs that increase awareness about this disease. There's still a lot need to be done to conquer the fight against breast cancer as well as other types of cancer.

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“Unwanted gift.” That’s the reason this baby was left at the shelter. Arlington animal services, Texas

Misty is confused, sad and scared — very, very scared. Shaking and staring through the glass with her little pleading eyes. She’s a 5-year-old chihuahua mix, 8lbs, timid and not recommended for families with small children. Please someone come save her!

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Breast Cancer, to be informed that you have such a serious disease has to be a life altering point in a woman's life. No one can ever prepare themselves to receive bad news of that caliber. Even with the advances in treatment, support systems, and recovery statistics, fear of the unknown is omnipresent. Fear of the side effects of radiation therapy and chemo therapy can cause the stress level to increase substantially. It's a natural response to a serious situation

Extensive research has revealed the various ways people respond to their cancer has a direct affect on the course and intensity of the disease. Additional research has proven that intense negative emotions over time can impede the body's ability to combat the disease.

One thing we must be aware of, however, is short term stress can actually be a good thing because it stimulates the fight or flight response. Oftentimes the jolt of a serious diagnosis spurs some people to take a proactive attitude towards the new and challenging situation. This positive attitude frequently gives them the energy to do whatever it takes to defeat this cancerous foe.

We should also be aware of the consequences of a negative attitude. If one becomes consumed with fear, negative thoughts and attitudes, the results will be an immune system that is less efficient and vulnerable to an attack by an aggressive cancer. Doctors who practice a holistic approach to breast cancer agree that the mind-body approach like meditation, yoga, and Qi Gong can relax the mind, reduce stress, and make it easier for the patient to cope with the magnitude of the issues at hand.

Chemicals produced from long term stress shorten the telomeres found on the tips of the chromosomes. Telomeres are the end-caps that prevent our DNA from unraveling, thus preserving its strength and preventing damage that can ultimately lead to chronic disease. Cells with shortened telomeres have a tendency to age prematurely. This premature aging process poses a potential risk for the development of new cancers. Stress, a pessimistic attitude, negative thoughts, and a negative attitude can affect your immune system by seriously damaging and often destroying critical immune cells. This, believe it or not, can result in the cancer intensifying. Some research strongly indicates a cancer risk increases in women who experience long periods of stress.

Stress reduction is of primary importance in the fight against cancer. A good way to fight depression, fear, anxiety, and other stressful states of mind is by practicing meditation on a regular basis. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to sit quietly, focusing on deep slow breathing to decrease the intensity of your stress related hormones. Numerous studies have shown that meditation can significantly stimulate immune function, reduce pain, and improve ones quality of life.

There are additional mental-physical methods of reducing stress and improving immune function. They are called moving meditation because they combine deep mental concentration with slow methodical movement. Examples of moving meditation are Tai Chi and Qi gong where the emphasis is placed on deep methodical breathing that helps correlate the connection with mind and body to facilitate a greater healing capacity.

Never underestimate the healing power of joy. It can be your best friend and cancers worst enemy. Doing something you really enjoy will significantly reduce your stress. Take a relaxing nature walk, hug a baby, laugh, interact with family and friends. All those types of activities will improve your mental state which will fortify your immune system.

We now know about the strong connection between our mental state and this insidious disease called cancer. There is also a strong connection between our eating habits and cancer. You have probably heard this in the past but it bares repeating. And that is to avoid grain fed red meat, fried foods, and sugar. These three items have been shown to increase your risk of contracting cancer. Sugar feeds inflammation and stimulates tumor growth. Try to cut back on the white stuff and make it a habit to read those food labels because that's where much of your sugar comes from.

Raw organic fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, provide an abundance of antioxidants that assist in neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals. Raw organic fruits and vegetables contain high concentrations of phytochemicals which are key players in the fight against cancer.

Broccoli, cauliflower, and kale are extremely beneficial because they contain ingredients that stimulate breast health by assisting in the balance of a woman's hormones. One ingredient that is especially helpful is DIM which is produced naturally in the body when broccoli, kale and cauliflower are digested. Once DIM is exposed to the body's interior, it helps to reduce inflammation, fortify the immune system, and ultimately fight the invading cancer cells.

The types of food we ingest plays an important role in our fight against breast cancer, any cancer actually. But lets not forget the role supplements play in this fight. In numerous documented cases, supplements have shown great success in the fight against breast cancer, even in aggressive cases.

Some of the key supplements in this fight are Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP), Beta-Glucan, Maitake Mushroom, Turmeric, Chinese Skullcap, Astragalus, Quercetin, and DIM. All of those have a variety of cancer fighting attributes. But there is one attribute they all have in common, and that is they all fortify your immune system.

We now know that the most successful method of fighting breast cancer is to combine a positive mental approach with a healthy organic diet and key supplements. I'm sure you are aware that there are no guarantees in life, but your chances of a successful outcome will increase greatly if you apply these methods.

Breast cancer is a serious threat to a woman's health but there are other threats as well. Ailments like Heart Disease, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Endometriosis are serious threats also. Some of those threats are life threatening and others make you feel miserable. If you're curious about a natural approach to women' s health.

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