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Every year, millions of people go on holiday around the world and they're almost totally uninsured while doing so.

Just why that happens is sometimes a mystery but more commonly studies indicate that it's one of the following:

Trying to save a few dollars on holiday costs
Being unaware of just what can go wrong and how much it'll cost if something does
Assuming, usually wrongly, that someone else 'somewhere' is covering them
Thinking that "it'll never happen to me".
Saving money

In a sense, there's nothing at all wrong with this. That's providing that you have appropriately weighed up the risk factors and decided that the typically small amount of money you'll be saving is worth the risk of spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars should something go wrong.

If that's your decision though then fair enough - and let's all hope that your luck holds.

Being unaware

Deciding to save money WITHOUT knowing the risks though is dangerous.

For example, let's assume you're staying with your family in some luxury holiday accommodation. Maybe you've been unlucky and managed to break an ankle, meaning you can't fly back with them to home base for a couple of days.

So, you've lost your flight and will need another. Perhaps a member of your family has stayed on with you to help you travel home in due course. All told, that's going to be another flight cost plus their extra nights in a hotel.

Before you even blink, you could be facing a bill of thousands of dollars. Are you sure you don't need insurance?

Someone else is covering you

This is often heard in the context of people thinking, for example, that their personal property household cover will also cover things such as their luggage and possessions when on holiday.

Well, it might but don't count on it! That's not something you'll want to discover if your luggage is say lost or stolen and you claim on your household policy only to be told that your claim is invalid because your goods were outside your property's boundaries.

The moral here is clear. Never make assumptions about what any existing policies MIGHT cover. Instead, check and if in doubt, call your policy provider and ask.

If you think about it, travel insurance wouldn't exist if other existing policies already provided such cover to the policyholder.

A slight variable here though is automatic travel insurance that's sometimes available from financial institutions or credit card companies. That may be OK but remember to read the cover details carefully. If it's free then it's very likely to be limited in its protection.

It'll never happen to me

In the UK in 2015, almost 500,000 holiday insurance claims were paid out by the travel insurance industry.

If that doesn't convince you that travel problems are not just a freakishly rare occurrence, then nothing will.

Accidents, flight delays, thefts, cancellations due to personal reasons, injuries - these things do happen. While we all sincerely hope they won't happen to you, it's worth asking yourself the question just how you'd cope if they did and you had no insurance to help?

Maybe you're a naturally lucky person and also have no doubt that your luck won't one day run out when on holiday. If you're not totally convinced of that though, it might be worth thinking again about travel insurance.

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Planning to be traveling soon? Should you buy travel insurance? It's a tough call whether spending the extra money is worth it. Are you over 50? Travel insurance goes up significantly as you get older. If you're spending a lot of money on a trip, travel insurance is a must.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel insurance covers these basics:

Trip Cancellation Or Interruption
Emergency Evacuation
Flight Delays and Cancellations
Travel Insurance - What Does It Mean For You?

Trip Cancellation refers to canceling prior to your trip whereas trip interruption refers to a problem during your trip. What if you or one of your travel companions gets hurt or sick and you need to cancel your plans. This is where travel insurance comes to the rescue.

What if you have a medical emergency? Think you're covered by your medical insurance? You might be. But most medical insurance policies don't cover you outside of the United States. Medicare never covers you when traveling abroad. Find out if you're covered when traveling to your next destination.

What happens if you do sick and need to be airlifted? Or you need medical care on your flight home. This can be very expensive.

Have you arrived at your destination just to find that you have no luggage? What if you're ready to board a cruise? Now what? Travel insurance will pay for essential items until your luggage is found and delivered to you. What if it never shows up? Make sure to have a list of items that you packed for your trip. Better yet, keep as many receipts of these items as you can. If your luggage was stolen, make sure to file a police report. This will help in making an insurance claim.

Did you get to the airport just to find out your flight has been delayed? What if the delay causes you to miss your connecting flight? Travel Insurance will reimburse you for hotel stays and meals while waiting to get out on the next flight. But what if your flight leaves on time and you get held up in traffic and miss your flight? You probably won't be covered.

Travel Insurance - Do I really need it?

Check with your homeowner's policy. It may already cover such things as lost luggage. Be sure to check the maximum amount of coverage as it may be limited in the payout. Check your medical insurance and find out what is covered when you're traveling away from home. Verify if you're covered when traveling abroad. Finally, check your credit card coverage. Some credit cards will provide a limited amount of insurance if the trip was booked with their credit card. If you have an airline's credit card, check with their coverage. They may have better coverage if you're traveling with them. But credit cards may not cover you being airlifted back home. Both health insurance and credit cards don't usually cover travel emergencies.

Once you decide you need travel insurance, read the fine print. Check to see if there are any time limits concerning the purchase of insurance prior to your trip. Find out if the entire length of your trip is covered. Make sure your destination is covered. If the government is warning you not to visit a particular country, you may not be covered if you go there.

What if you get sick? Make sure you list all medications you're currently taking. Failure to do so could invalidate your policy. What if a family member back home gets sick and you want to cut your trip short. Most travel insurance policies don't cover this unless it's a death in the family. There is an option called "cancel for any reason". If you have older relatives back home, you may want to consider this option for peace of mind. This would allow you to cut your trip short and return home for any reason. Even if you just changed your mind and decided not to go.

Check the fine print and decide if purchasing travel insurance is right for you. You may be glad you did!

Whether going on a week-end trip or reaching for the stars for that ultimate vacation, I use travel apps to help manage and make trips more enjoyable. Along the way, I look for travel deals as well as reducing travel expenses in an effort to make these trips more affordable.

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