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Powerful Tips for Mortgage Refinancing

Despite the common misconception, mortgage refinancing requires time, effort and careful analysis. You have to ensure that you will get the best possible deal, especially in terms of affordability. Your goal is to save money while making smaller payments on your loan. Find out how to achieve this and to get even more benefits.

1. Make sure your LTV is low.

LTV refers to loan-to-value ratio and shows the new mortgage principal as a percentage of the value of your property. Most lenders require that you have LTV of at least 80% for refinancing. This means that you need to have equity of at least 20% in your property. Lower LTV will not only boost your chances of getting approved, but will help you secure lower interest rate. Lenders are willing to make the loan cheaper when the principal amount is smaller due to the lower risk which they assume.

2. Avoid loans with no closing costs.

There is no such thing as no-cost refinancing. There is a cost for the lender and they will pass it on to you. In case of no-cost deals, the cost is typically added to the loan balance. In this case, you have to pay interest on it throughout the term of the loan. Alternatively, the interest rate is higher and this will also result in additional costs for you. That is why it makes sense for you to calculate the cost of getting a new home loan and to ensure that you have sufficient cash to pay it at the time of closing of the deal.

3. Consider carefully cash-out refinancing.

Currently, the mortgage rates have gone up, but they are still close to their historically low level. This makes it quite tempting to take out extra cash when you refinance. However, if you do this, you have to be disciplined enough to make the higher payments every month for the whole term of the loan. Experts recommend that you avoid this option given that the economy has still not stabilized fully. In fact, you may want to consider putting down extra cash on the table in order to reduce the new loan amount.

4. Go for a fixed-rate mortgage.

This is certainly the more cost-efficient option in case of mortgage refinancing, given that interest rates are expected to increase considerably by the end of 2015. Even if you plan to move out of the house, an adjustable-rate loan will still be highly risky given that you already own considerable equity in the property. It makes perfect sense to lock a rate which is still quite low.

5. Choose a shorter term.

This is a guarantee that the new mortgage loan that you take out will be cheaper. You will just have to incur extra expenses if you get a new term of 30 years. Experts recommend that you go for a term lower than 25 years. That way, you will save money without having to face much higher monthly payments.

6. Prepare a plan for early repayment.

This is an effective strategy for saving on refinancing. If you make slightly higher payments every month or use extra sources of income for repaying the loan more quickly, you will save considerably on interest. You just need an effective plan and discipline to stick to it.

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Ways to Get a Cheap Mortgage

With the current average rate on 30-year fixed mortgages being 4.40%, home loans are now extremely affordable. Still, there is always a way in which you can get an even lower interest rate and better terms and conditions. Discover 5 proven techniques which will help you to get a super cheap loan and to enjoy great savings in the long term.

1. Perfect Credit History

Mortgage applicants who have no blemishes on their credit records and who use loans and credit cards wisely have the best chances of securing a cheap loan. Lenders find them to be more reliable borrowers and reward them with lower interest rate. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to have any errors on your credit record fixed first.

You have to pay all your bills on time every month. Make sure that you do not use more than 30% of the limit on your credit cards. You should not apply for new cards or loans in the period before applying for a mortgage.

All of these techniques will help you boost your credit score. Your score has to be at least 720 in order for you to secure one of the best home loans available at present. Currently, lenders are lowering their credit score requirements, but a higher score still earns lower interest rate.

2. Low LTV Ratio

The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio measures the loan amount against the value of the property purchased. The lower this ratio is the lower the mortgage amount is. In order to achieve lower LTV ratio, you need to place a larger down payment. LTV ratio which is lower than 80% would be great. You will save not only in interest rate payments, but on mortgage insurance as well.

3. Strategic Planning

This tactic is all about choosing the most affordable type of mortgage loan for you. Generally, the adjustable rate loans have lower initial interest compared to their fixed-rate counterparts. However, after the period, during which the low rate is kept fixed, expires, you will most likely face a higher rate as there is an upward trend at present. That is why securing a fairly low interest rate which is fixed for the entire period of the loan seems to be the more cost-efficient strategy currently. Still, if you plan to sell the property or to achieve higher credit score and refinance in the future, an adjustable rate loan may be the right solution for you.

4. Comparison Shopping

This is a strategy for getting a cheap mortgage which any home buyers can use irrespective of their credit score, down payment or income. It is effective and can save you a lot of money. All you have to do is to obtain as many quotes as possible from as many lenders as possible. Look for the lowest interest, lowest monthly payment and lowest total cost.

5. Employment Security

Applicants who have been working for the same employer for at least two years have the highest chances of securing a cheap home loan. In general, the more stable the income of the applicant is the better the loan terms will be. As usual, the people who are self-employed are considered to be riskier borrowers and can expect to be charged higher interest rate.

Use all of these strategies for getting a cheap mortgage.

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