Family abandoned 20-year-old in parking lot because they had to have an appointment for surrender

This guy is about 20 years old and was surrendered to the shelter by his OWNER. The owner was told they had to have an appointment for surrender so they just left him in the parking lot. 20 freaking years old and they abandon him. I. Can’t. Even. Please share and get this guy in a home so he can live the rest of his life with someone who actually cares. For the love of mike 😭😭😭 Look at that sweet face. He does NOT deserve this.

I just left the shelter and he was brought in by his owner to euthanize due to declining health. He is 20, blind, can’t really walk, etc. Because they ended up leaving him in the parking lot their hands were tied legally with what they could do with him. He has to be on a mandatory hold for 4 days. He has been transferred to a Vet’s office and if he makes it to the end of his hold then the shelter will work with approved rescues to get him into a hospice foster home.

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4525 W. Wendover Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27409
Phone Number: (336) 641-3400

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2 Responses to "Family abandoned 20-year-old in parking lot because they had to have an appointment for surrender"

  1. I hope this dog gets to li e his last days in the best home possible and that his previous owners die a slow death in the nastiest nursing home on earth!

  2. The saddest thing I've seen today! People are so quick to judge, who knows the actual truth?
    If the family had him for 16 to 20 years, it had to have broken their hearts to leave him the way they did.
    They are also 16 - 20 years older too, maybe health issues of their own made them decide to end Sammy's suffering.
    It's obvious that they knew if they left Sammy outside the shelter, pity and mercy would be shown to him and he'd be taken inside without an appointment, no doubt!
    Maybe they loved Sammy so much, they were willing to be villianized on social media just to end Sammy's suffering?
    Perhaps they are elderly with disabilities and just couldn't give him the care he needed anymore.
    Surely they loved him, that he lived to be 16 - 20 years old in their care tells you that much.
    It isn't like they put him in a locked kennel cage and sat him on a rock where the rising tide would drown him slowly, like the dog in the news a few months ago ...( fortunately, that dog was rescued and now lives with the woman who was walking her dog when she found him, she named him River. )
    It's so sad to see people who don't know all the facts, jump straight to hate and wish the worst for the family who had to take drastic measures to get Sammy into that shelter where they would give him extra love for the duration of his very long life, maybe they did what they had to do.
    I don't condone their actions, I just try to read between the lines, not wish desperate dog owners dead.


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