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How to Find a Legitimate Federal Debt Relief Program

Government debt relief programs; do they exist?
Yes, government debt relief programs do exist. However, federal debt relief programs are only available for student loans.

Federal student loan relief programs are available at StudentLoans.Gov.

The key to getting a low monthly payment and the maximum amount of loan forgiveness is to qualify for an income-driven repayment plan.

The Pay As You Earn plan is a popular federal program that offers a low monthly payment and loan forgiveness.

The lower a person's income and bigger their family size, the lower their consolidated monthly payment will be.

Students do need to recertify the Pay As You Earn and all of the income-based repayment plans every year, so if a person's income changes so can their payment.

AFSLR Certified Student Loan Expert, Wesley Hendrickson, stated; "Don't forget to recertify or you can lose your eligibility for loan forgiveness, and your payment can skyrocket. This is the most common mistake that I see students make. The next thing you know, your wages will be getting garnished, and credit score is shot."

For credit card relief, government programs don't exist. Credit card relief options available through third-party companies are available. Make sure the company you choose is IAPDA Certified and highly rated by the Better Business Bureau.

A person can also work directly with their credit card company, but the savings will be minimal compared to what a person can save with a debt relief program. Your credit card company may temporarily reduce your payments and interest, but it will only be temporary.

Most debt relief companies across the nation offer debt settlement services, but this program comes with negative consequences.

A person's credit score can be negatively impacted and credit card lawsuits can occur while on a debt settlement program. In only about 2% of all cases, credit card companies will sue a person while on a debt settlement program. While this isn't a large percentage of lawsuits happening, it is something that you need to beware of and ready for.

Before you join a debt settlement program, make sure to understand ALL of the potential negative consequences. Do your research and make sure the company helping you is transparent and has reputable credentials.

How debt validation works

Debt validation can allow a person to legally stop paying a debt and walk away from the debt without paying a dime to the debt collection company and only having to pay the debt relief company's fees.

Debt relief programs that improve your credit score

No debt relief program will improve your credit score unless you get a debt relief loan to pay off your credit cards.

Since all plans can have an adverse effect on credit scores; debt validation comes with credit repair, aiming to get the debt and it's associated negative marks completely removed from the clients' credit reports by the end of the program.

Rick Sorrentino, IAPDA Accredited Counselor, advises consumers; "If you can afford to pay at least minimum monthly payments, try to find another way to resolve your debt besides using debt settlement or debt validation. These programs should only be used as a last resort, to save a person from having to file for bankruptcy."

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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews - A Recap

Anyone who has every gone through debt or is going through debt at the moment likes knowing all the different possible options possible in terms of how to pay it off, or how to pay it off with less monthly installments, for that matter.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews are important in order to separate the hype from the real deal. According to the ad on TV, you can reduce your debt by up to half making just one payment per month. The company states that it can help you get rid of your debt in two to four years without declaring bankruptcy or getting credit counseling. Rather, the company claims to negotiate with your creditor in order to lessen your owed amount.

According to a few Freedom Debt Relief reviews, however, some of those who signed u declared bankruptcy while others even encountered debt increase. A few reviews indicated that the company did not even get in touch with the creditors to negotiate lower debts.

Many consumers found that the Freedom Debt Relief Company had sent every account to collection agencies. Thus, many clients never overcame their debts even with years of service and administration fees paid to the company. To top it off, it turns out that Freedom Debt Relief did not even operate with a business license in the state of California.

The Bottom Line

Freedom Debt Relief reviews indicate that one consumer after another feels duped and at the very least, disappointed at the way Freedom Debt Relief gave out false advertising, did not do what they claimed they were going to do and even practiced in the state of California with no business license. It has lost all credibility and continues to charge administration fees to people who are already deeply in debt as it is, and looking for a way out. What should consumers do?

Based on the Freedom Debt Relief reviews, the first thing consumers need to do is to cancel their patronage to Freedom Debt Relief and then talk to creditors themselves to try and see if reduced payments will be allowed. Negotiate a principal reduction with a company that helps in debt-reduction. The way to know whether or not a company will help in reducing debt is to read various reviews and check with the Better Business Bureau as to whether or not they are working effectively and have good reviews from consumer reports.

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