Sadly, no one wants to adopt this frightened 9 month old 'ugly' baby

New home owners are often a bit optimistic when they take on a mortgage and it's not hard to see why: they fall in love with a property that might seem just out of reach, but they are convinced that a bit of budget-trimming and future promotions will make the property more affordable. Life doesn't always go according to plans and unforeseen expenses can quickly turn an affordable mortgage payment into a crushing burden.

There are, however, a few ways to lower your mortgage payment:

Get a new assessment of your property

It's possible your property's value has decreased. If you feel your assessment isn't accurate, you can file a petition to have it re-evaluated. A lower evaluation can result in substantial savings.

Have you paid off more than 20% of the loan?

If you've put more than 20% equity down on your mortgage, then you can petition your lender to cancel your private mortgage insurance (also known as PMI). This could help you get rid of the extra monthly expense of private mortgage insurance.

Apply for a loan modification

One way to save money on your monthly repayments is to prove you are having financial difficulties or hardships. In this case, you can apply for a loan modification. This process will lower your balance and make your monthly mortgage repayments more affordable.

Refinancing your mortgage

In the first few years, most of your mortgage repayment will go to interest (only the last few years goes to the principal of your loan). The effect of the interest you pay on your mortgage is more significant and important during the first few years of repayment, so refinancing your mortgage will depend on how long you have been paying the mortgage and what kind of interest you can get elsewhere.

There are refinancing fees associated with the process, but it will enable you to take advantage of significant lower rates if you qualify.

In 2011, Canadian Government announced they will be changing the mortgage refinancing rules. The Government has effectively dropped the refinancing value from 90% to 85% (of the insurable value). This means Canadian citizens can't dip into more than 80% of their home's equity.

Government made this 5% change in order to combat one of the big concerns in Canada's property market, which is the amount of household debt which Canadians are carrying. In 2011, Canada's household debt ratio (which is the ratio of income vs. expenses) reached a staggering 148%, which is very high. For the first time in history, Canada's household debt ratio went beyond the household debt ratio of Americans. It is for this reason Canada's government stepped in.

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Shaq #A1997971

His short existence marred by nothing but neglect. Just a 9 month baby looking far older than his years until you look closely. This crusty, scabbed face obscures an innocence that later becomes apparent. He gently gnaws at my hand, playfully in puppy style. Not many will give him a second look.

Hey truly could use a rescue! He was available on November 10 at Miami Dade animal services please tag and share widely!

We are NOT the City Shelter to where pictures were taken. FOR MORE INFO ON THIS PET please contact:
Miami Dade animal services at 305–884-1101
Pet Adoption and Protection Center
Shelter address: 3599 NW 79th Ave, Doral, FL 33166
Ask for information about animal ID number #A1997971

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'Mortgage insurance' is a term that you will surely come across if you are going for a mortgage loan. Let's get straight into finding out what this term ('Mortgage insurance') means.

Mortgage insurance is a great tool for both the borrower and the mortgage lender. By definition, mortgage insurance provides protection to the mortgage lender in case the borrower defaults on the mortgage. Mortgage insurance covers the loss that a mortgage lender can incur in such a circumstance. So besides taking title to property, the mortgage lender is also protected against loss by mortgage insurance. The premium of this mortgage insurance is obviously paid by the borrower and there are different ways in which the borrower can pay this mortgage insurance premium e.g. one way is to include it as part of the monthly mortgage payments that are made to the mortgage lender (who in turn passes on the amount to the mortgage insurer).

However, how does mortgage insurance provide benefit to the borrower?

Since mortgage is a big financial transaction, the mortgage lenders need to safeguard their interests in all possible way. So, mortgage lenders require the borrower to demonstrate their commitment to the investment. One way of showing this commitment (and the ability to pay monthly mortgage payments) is to make a down payment. The mortgage lenders generally ask for a down payment of around 20%. However, if the borrower goes for mortgage insurance, the down payment amount may be significantly reduced by the mortgage lender. So, a borrower might be required to pay only 5% or 10% as mortgage down payment instead of the mandated 20% or whatever. This means that mortgage insurance is especially good for people who don't have enough cash to make large down payments (as such 20% is quite a big amount in itself). Such people can save on cash by going for mortgage insurance. Moreover, since mortgage insurance provides a lot of confidence to the mortgage lenders (in terms of their investment being safe), the processing of your mortgage application could be faster and smoother than what it would have been without mortgage insurance commitment. So not only does mortgage insurance increase the buying power of a borrower it also provides him/her with benefits in terms of getting a good mortgage deal and getting it faster.

So, mortgage insurance is really advantageous both for the borrower and mortgage lender and the onus lies on the borrower to hunt for a good deal on mortgage insurance and also on the mortgage itself.

6 Responses to "Sadly, no one wants to adopt this frightened 9 month old 'ugly' baby"

  1. We just lost our sweet little boy of 9 years to throat cancer. We are so trying to find and rescue a sweet loving boy who will keep our 13 year old pitbull female company to fill her grief of losing her best bud not to mention to fill our hearts. We live in Jacksonville Florida, Miami is so far away for us. Would anyone be willing to meet us halfway? My husband and I are both disabled but we have huge hearts��and a lot of love to give.

    1. Contact rescues around Miami. One may be able to help you save this beauty!

    2. Sflak13 if you can find someone to transport to you, I will pay part of the transportation cost. I'm no where near or would bring him to you

  2. im sure we can help with finding transport did you call shelter to ask questions on him I just need to know where he is going we would be glad to help


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