No one never told me i came here to die, 10 month old tiny soul out of time and out of hope!

Securing a loan is an important process in home buying. Most buyers save for the down payment and leave the rest to mortgage. The system makes life easier to those who understand their loan better but it can also add burden to home buyers if essential elements are not properly taken care of.

Here are some tips when you plan to secure or you already have a home loan.

Save as much down payment as you can. Set aside portion of your income monthly and be disciplined enough not to spend it. You pay lesser debt if you give bigger amount of down payment.

Gather as much information as you can from credit companies or banks when you are looking for a home loan. Know important details on interest rates, mortgage features, package offers as well as fees and charges. Example questions you can ask are as follows:

Do you have a low introductory rate available?
What are your fixed and variable rates?
Will the home loan features incur additional cost?
What are the cost involve in getting a loan?
Is it possible to switch banks?
Do I get interest rate discount if I pay annually?
Save money by finding a loan that suits your financial needs. Compare the information you have gathered. You may want to check with your existing bank if they have better offers. A mortgage broker can help you get a better deal but be aware of the commission fee it will cost you.

When paying your mortgage, pay regularly and give more the minimum required if your financial situation permits it. It is a good idea to put your bonuses or extra money to your mortgage so that you can pay your debt faster or reduce the interest charged. In some cases, you can save money by moving to another lender or getting another loan. This process needs careful research though as charges also applies and it outweighs the benefits.

Review your home loan. Lenders change what they offer most of the time. Make sure that your home loan is updated as interest rates frequently rise and fall. Aside from interest rate changes, you should review your mortgage if you have changed your job and that your salary either increased or decreased. If a new member of your family has been added, you might need necessary adjustments to your home loan. Ideally home loan health check is done every 2 years.

Buying a home can be your greatest investment in a lifetime. Make your purchase easier through loan. Know more home loan tips at ZEP Finance.

ROCKY is a sweet but scared little fella that has found himself in the last place on earth that he wants to be. Sadly he is an owner surrender due to the owner's child being allergic to dogs.

He looked so pitiful today curled up in the back of his kennel on his little fluffy blanket. I know he must be wondering where his family is and why they left him here. Sweet Rocky is said to be good with other dogs, cats and kids.

He is house and crate trained too. He is a tiny little fella that won't take up much room as he weighs a mere 11 pounds. Is there anyone out there for this precious little baby? I know he would be forever grateful if you would come adopt!

We are NOT the City Shelter to where pictures were taken. FOR MORE INFO ON THIS PET please contact:
Cumberland County Animal Shelter at 910-321-6852
4704 Corporation Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28306
Ask for information about animal ID #A297552

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If you are thinking about getting a mortgage to purchase or build a house then you will come to find that there are 2 types of mortgages that are the most common. These are adjustable rate mortgages - aka ARMs - and fixed rate mortgages.

Fixed Rate Mortgages

With a fixed rate mortgage, there is a rate of interest that will remain the same throughout the entire term of the mortgage. Typically, this is for 30 years although there are fixed rate mortgages available for 15 and 20 year loans.

In general, the shorter the term of the loan is, the less the rate of interest will be. For example, for a 15 year loan the rate of interest can be a quarter to a half percent less than that of a 30 year mortgage. This means that with the shorter loan term you will pay less overall than what you would pay for a longer term loan even though the monthly payments might be - and generally are - higher.

A longer term loan might be easier to fit into your budget because the monthly payments will be smaller, but if you can afford the larger payments than it might be your best option to go with the shorter term mortgage.

No matter how long the length of the mortgage is that you opt for, a fixed rate mortgage is one that will keep you protected in the even as interest rates rise. That being said, since the rate that you go with will be locked in for the length of the mortgage, you might also be losing money if the rates of interest happen to fall.

ARMs or Adjustable Rate Mortgages

An ARM is a type of mortgage loan that allows for the rate of interest to be adjusted either up or down. This will depend on the economic trends that are current. See, the rate of interest for an ARM is based on something called the money market index. The most commonly used for this is the one year United States Treasury bill. That said, you might also find LIBOR - London Inter-Bank Offer Rate - CDs or other indexes being used.

In order to determine the ARM rate, your lender will add what is called a margin to the index. Typically this is between two and four percentage points.

While an ARM rate might be lower than a fixed rate at the outset of the loan, the rate can and will change with the market trends. That being said, there are typically limits to how high the rate of interest can go throughout the life of the mortgage. While these limits might offer you a bit of protection in the event the market changes drastically, the stability that is inherent in a fixed rate loan is not seen with an ARM.

All told, when you are considering taking out a mortgage, take a long hard look at the types as well as what your finances are so that you will make the choice that is best for you and your family.

Kathryn McDowell is a finance writer and has the goal to educate her readers about the finer points of a home mortgage. Know the facts so you can make an informed decision and be able to afford your home loan.

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  1. I want him! I am in Dallas and will find a way to get him. Please someone get him out for me!

    1. please let me know if you saved this baby. He looks so sad.

    2. You have to contact the shelter yourself and they can give you some rescues in the area of the murder shelter

  2. Has anyone taken this scared little spirit? Please, someone help him! :-(


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