My 'family' signed our death warrant because i'm not a cute little puppy anymore

If you are in the market to buy a home, you are most likely looking at getting a mortgage as well. You can get financing for your home from your bank or loan provider. There are many different options when it comes to loans of this nature, and if you are not aware of all your options, you could find yourself spending too much money. Let's explore the different types of financing options for your home.

When it comes to getting a loan for your next home, there are several different options to consider. There is the fixed rate, which is simply a loan that does not appreciate or depreciate in terms of value. For example, if you agree upon a ten-year loan with a rate of five percent, that rate will not change over that period of time.

There is also the adjustable rate mortgage or ARM. ARM's come in a variety of different packages. You could have a one-month ARM that adjusts monthly, after a three-month introductory period. You could also get a six-month ARM that adjusts every six months. There are many more options for ARM's that vary in length of term and adjustment period.

A two-step financing plan is popularly broken down into two options, where the rate remains fixed for five years and then adjusts to a figure that then remains fixed for the next twenty-five years. The other option that is common is seven years and then a single adjustment, which is then locked for the next twenty-three years.

If necessary, you can take a second mortgage on your house. For example you could take one mortgage on seventy five percent of your house, and then take a second one on the other fifteen percent of your house. Taking a second loan on your house can diversify your risk and also lower your first mortgage.

Depending on your loan agreement you may have the option to refinance. Doing this should only be done when the cost of refinancing can be recovered before you sell your home, or if you can refinance to a low enough rate that the costs of doing such can be covered in your new rate.

If you find yourself with a rate that you think can get no lower than it already is, you should look into getting your rate locked. However, you should only do this if you are entirely certain your rate cannot get any lower, as locking your rate is always a gamble of sorts.

Figure out more about what kind of loans and rates you can get, and visit your lender today.

When considering financing a mortgage.


Emmy is a sweet, gentle girl, and is having a tough time being in a shelter. She generally is sad and seems to look for her family around every corner hoping they will be there. But nobody has the heart to tell her, they aren't coming and she will never see them again. To love and be loved is the beauty of life. It is sunshine.

It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family. But to die - sad, scared and alone in a heartless shelter is not the way her life should end. Sadly, if this shelter has anything to do with it, it will.


We are NOT the City Shelter to where pictures were taken. FOR MORE INFO ON THIS PET please contact:
Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) at (212) 788-4000
Ask for information about animal ID EMMY, ID# 46743

Shelter contact information:
Phone number (212) 788-4000 (automated only)
Brooklyn Shelter: 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11208

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Cash rate stability, increased product choice and low interest rates have created the prime environment for consumers planning on a mortgage refinance of their home loan. Competition in the mortgage market is at an all time high.

Major lenders are slashing rates and releasing some enticing mortgage products in a bid to win over your business. As the banks continue to battle over market share, an increasing number of borrowers are realising the potential savings on offer should they decide to make the switch to a new lender

The mortgage you have now may no longer be the most appropriate or most affordable option available. If you are unable to remember the last time you had a credit check, now could be the time to do so. Whether you are looking to drive down your mortgage balance or reduce your repayments, refinancing may be the ideal strategy.

The benefits of a mortgage refinance

Find a better interest rate, bank competition, coupled with interest rate stability, has created some real opportunities for borrowers. Refinancing your mortgage to a fixed rate product will give you certainty around loan repayments. However, you should also consider break costs which may apply if you break your term early.

Unlock the equity in your home, investors can use a mortgage refinance as an effective way to unlock the equity in their home, giving them more funds to act sooner. It is also a terrific way to gain some extra cash when renovating your home.

Finding it difficult to keep track of all your debts? Refinancing can place all your debts, including store and credit cards, into one loan. This will help you manage your debt more effectively and potentially save you thousands in interest rate repayments.

Which option is best for you, even staying with you current loan, will depend on your circumstances.

While the federal government abolished exit fees for new loans in 2012, there are some extra costs that you will need to consider before changing lender. Moving home loans can carry other costs such as new application fees, legal fees and mortgage insurance.

However, establishing which home loan best fits your needs can be quick and relatively stress free. A mortgage broker can help make sure the transition from one home loan to another is as safe and hassle free as possible.

Moreover, they can work with you to identify the most appropriate product to meet your needs as well as help you through the application process if a mortgage refinance is appropriate for you.

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