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When considering applying for an equity release plan, it is vital that you ask the various advisors certain questions. If you don't get all the relevant information, you won't be able to make an informed decision. When it comes to a long-term decision like an equity release plan, it's essential that you know what you are agreeing to and how it will affect your future.

The first step is to meet with several independent financial advisors. An independent advisor can provide you with unbiased information and details on various options. Different advisors may have different opinions regarding your financial situation and it's good to get as much input as possible. Think of it as shopping around for quotations. Just like you would for any significant financial undertaking. Ask each advisor how much you will be able to release against the value of your home and ask them to highlight the differences between each plan. It's not just about the advantages so make sure that they are clear about the disadvantages as well.

Apart from the terms and conditions of the plan, it's also good to understand the fees and charges involved. You do not want to be caught by surprise! These fees often include such things as interest on the equity release amount. In some cases, you can allow the interest to accumulate, and other plans allow you to make regular payments to pay the interest on a monthly basis.

Ask about a "no negative equity guarantee" and make sure that the provider holds all the relevant credentials before you sign. You want to make sure that your finances are in capable hands. In addition, no negative equity means that the amount owing upon conclusion of your plan will never exceed the value of your property. This offers homeowners fantastic peace of mind.

Before signing any binding agreements, you should ensure that you know how you intend on putting the money to good use. Some like to use their equity release to supplement their pension, others prefer to use the money for home renovations, and then there are those who choose to purchase an additional property or second home as an extra investment. By knowing how much you can release, you can plan your future accordingly. You might like to release money based on the full value of your home or you might like to sell just a portion of your property and leave the rest to your beneficiaries.

Get independent financial advice about home equity release.


LOKI’s owners just signed him over

to die

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When you begin searching for an equity release plan that will suit your needs, it is important that you also look for the right provider to make your financial dreams a reality. Given the importance of this decision, it's a very good idea to do some shopping around. Don't worry about offending somebody by taking time to decide your financial future. Rushing your decision might make somebody else happy but you might not make the best possible choice as a result. Look for certain specific criteria before doing business with an equity release provider.

The first point to look for is a provide that offers a plan that will suit your needs and make your interests a priority. Of course, every provider will get something out of the deal. It's all part of doing business. However, you should not suffer to plump up their bank account. Both parties concerned should come out on top.

Independent financial advisers are your best bet. Their independence means that they have no official ties to financial institutes. This means that they can provide you with ample information and advice on a variety of plans without making you feel pressured or forced into a certain decision.

Regardless of the provider you choose, you need to make sure that they include a "no negative equity guarantee" in the agreement. This policy ensures your financial protection. As time progresses, this policy will ensure that you will never owe more than the value of your home - no matter how much time passes. This means that your family won't be burdened by any debt upon your passing. Similarly, you won't be financially crippled if you need to be relocated to a long-term care facility.

When you sit down for a meeting with any adviser, and you notice that it feels like they are trying desperately to talk you into something - run! You should feel in control of the conversation, and they should be following your lead - not the other way around. Those who bombard you with an endless supply of facts and figures could possibly be trying to hide something. This is what makes it so essential that you prepare a list of questions before you enter your meeting and make sure that they answer each and every one of your questions clearly. They should be more than understanding when you tell them that you need time to think and discuss the matter with your family. If they seem disappointed or in a hurry, you might be better off with a different professional on your side.

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