Depressed Mutt surrendered because owner get a new puppy, openly wept as his owner walked away

Everyone who has the commitment of a mortgage should give some thought to taking out mortgage insurance cover. Without having a policy to fall back on you could find yourself in a great deal of trouble when it came to keeping up with the repayments. If you cannot pay your mortgage then you could find yourself being taken to court by the lender and having to leave your home due to repossession.

With a policy you would pay your monthly premium and for this you would be able to rely on an income each month given by the provider and which would be tax-free. This income would be the amount that you insured against when taking out your policy which is up to a certain amount of your monthly mortgage repayment.

With the payment you receive from your policy each month you are then able to keep up with your mortgage outgoings to ensure that you would not be at risk of losing your home. This is essential because even just one missed payment would see the lender sending you a letter and you having to contact them to make an agreement to catch up. Of course this would be extremely hard without having an income to rely on and could be the downward spiral to repossession. Mortgage payment protection insurance would mean that you could avoid all of this and would be free to concentrate on making a recovery or of finding work again which was suitable.

When you look into taking out mortgage insurance cover you have to find out as much as possible about the cover as you can. All payment protection specialists will put different terms in the cover and you have to compare these so you will know if you would be eligible to claim. Exclusions have to be checked and some policies will contain more than others. You also have to check when cover would begin and end as this varies too. Also look for the provider offering to backdate a policy to the first day of you becoming unemployed or when you became incapacitated.

Usually policies will begin to payout your income from somewhere between day 30 and 90 of continuous unemployment or incapacity. Once the policy starts to pay it will do so for a certain length of time and then it stops. You are able to take out cover that would provide you with an income each month for 12 months or 24 months.

Mortgage insurance cover is worth paying out the small premium that a standalone specialist will charge each month and is a much more reliable plan than using savings or claiming for State benefits. You might not have enough savings to last unable to work or are unemployed for any length of time. You also might not be eligible to claim from the State as you have to meet many requirements. Even if you do get State benefits you would only be provided with help towards the interest part of your mortgage repayment and then only up to so much of it.

Please Go Out & Meet Mutt! This Extremely Sad & Very Scared Boy came in on Saturday, November 10th, as an Owner Surrender. 

The Most Pathetic Reason in owner surrender’s...Mutt is Too Old and the new pup did not like him...
Why get a new dog?!..😡 Where’s the loyalty to a family member

Let’s Share this Precious, Beautiful Boy and find him a great new home & while we are at it, let’s rename him too! 

P.S. He is Not Old..they need glasses along with new hearts...😡

Located At: Pasco County Animal Services
19640 Dogpatch Lane
Land O’ Lakes, FL 34638

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Mortgage Insurance, also known as lenders Mortgage Insurance LMI for short, is the greatest scam out there, and interestingly no one is complaining yet. Why?

I have asked this question hundreds of times to students in my real estate investment classes, and also to ordinary home buyers. Invariably none of them really understand what this insurance is for. The majority believe it is there to protect them in case they default on their mortgage repayments, due to illness or job loss, yet others have no idea. They just pay it, with out question, because they are desperate to get into property, and the bank/lender has said that they must. When these same people ask for some advice they are told the same thing "you have to pay it? Again I ask the question WHY?

Let me put it another way, say I was to ask you to pay my insurance for me to protect me from something that you may do some time in the future, and to protect me from my own stupidity! Would you do that? I can just hear you shout the answer "HELL NO." Yet this is what the bank is asking you to do pay their insurance to protect them against some misfortune in the future, such as you defaulting on the loan. Interestingly enough you and the majority of borrowers do just that without question, every time a mortgage is entered into. When is enough, enough?

As a business owner it would be fantastic if I could force my customers to insure me against my bad business decisions or for that matter any bad decision that I make which could cost me financially. Now that would be great, right? Yet if a business owner tried doing just that they would have customers walk and governments legislate to prevent this from happening, so why have the banks and/ lenders got away with this rort?

The reason is that we as borrowers have not complained and better yet walked, forcing the banks to reassess and be fairer. Lets look at this scam closer, When a person wants to borrow money to purchase an investment property or their own home the banks ask them to provide copious amounts of information including how much they earn and how much of a deposit they have available, the banks also look at the borrowers credit history, and their savings history, the subject property is then valued by the banks valuer,(something else that you as the borrower pay for, and are not told what the valuation came in at let alone given a copy of the valuation, yet you have paid for it!) the bank will then only lend up to a maximum of 90% of that valuation, you will have to put in the balance in hard cash.

Now here is the kicker the bank lends you say $369,000.00 they will charge you approx $6500.00 in mortgage insurance premiums, so they can pay their insurance, something that they have to do as a normal part of doing business. Remember banks are in the business of lending money, which is they buy money for a price and resell it to you at a higher price this difference is called the margin and varies depending on your assessed risk, lower risk should be a lower margin. As lending money is the banks business if we the customer did not borrow money from them or use their credit card facilities the bank would be out of business in the blink of an eye.

As customers we strike a hard bargain when dealing with any other vendors, demanding the best possible deal, yet when we deal with the banks we take what ever the banks decide to dish up to us on any given day, yes we may grumble, but we never ever take action and demand better, little wonder they get away charging us for their insurances.

It is a myth that the mortgage insurance is their to protect you should you default. This is absolutely untrue, the reality is it protects the bank, and if there is any short fall the mortgage insurers will then turn round and sue you for the difference plus all costs. Go Figure.

If you want to top up the loan; say you want to use the equity to buy an investment property, the banks will recharge you mortgage insurance (that is the full amount on the top up plus the new loan for the new property) again not just pro rata the whole lot. What a scam!

Some thing else the banks won't tell you about mortgage insurance, is that you are entitled to a refund of the premium when you pay out the loan early, and for those that are savvy enough to find out the banks make life extremely difficult, coming up with all sorts of excuses as to why no refund is due. Never ever give up, keep writing and if necessary take it to the highest level possible. The sooner the consumer makes a lot of fuss and noise the sooner the playing field for home borrowers will become level.

The crazy thing is that you can go out and buy a luxury motor car for say $375,000.00 and your loan will be approved with a minimum of fuss (provided you can afford the repayments) and at the same interest rate that you would have been paying on your home loan, and guess what no Mortgage Insurance! What is the difference, surely as we are led to believe Real estate is a better investment than a motor car? So why the bullying, and difficulty when you want to buy a so called safe and stable investment? Like Real estate?

Tip: Ask questions from your bank DEMAND THAT you see the valuations and the reason for the mortgage insurance. Refuse to pay the mortgage insurance and amend the documents as applicable, ( yes you can amend the mortgage documents to suit you, it is not all up to the bank, get a good attorney that knows what they are about)and be prepared to walk away.

I refused and still got my loans, so can you. Never ever give up or allow your self to be bullied by banks.

10 Responses to "Depressed Mutt surrendered because owner get a new puppy, openly wept as his owner walked away "

  1. I truly believe there is a special place in pregatory for people who mistreat animals. They are Gods gift to us. My heart goes out to that little guy. There is a family that will love him the way he should be loved. Lots of kisses and hugs!!!

    1. Only purgatory? I'm not Catholic so they go straight to Hell in my book.

  2. Where is he located? Was he pit down?

  3. Adoption hold placed!

  4. Is this doggie in the process of being adopted??

  5. Please post if this adorable dog was adopted or not. Thanks

  6. Why do they have a puppy? They will do this again! They need to be out in a no pet list! Poor baby.


  8. I've had rescue animals my entire life and always will as long as I'm alive. It's so hard to fathom the mindset these cold-hearted people have. God knows all our secrets and we have to answer for them. I pray people like this get their just reward for their deeds. Please update on this baby, as I play a part in helping animals get adopted. I wish I could rescue them all..breaks my heart that I'm not.


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