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A person interested in undertaking a refinance of a mortgage needs to consider these home refinancing tips

Shop Around for the Best Deal

The fact is that not all home mortgage finance options are created equally. There can be rather significant differences between different refinance loans. For example, there can be differences in interest rates and the fees and costs associated with a refi.

On the surface, an interest difference between loans may seem minuscule. However, over time, even a minor difference adds up when it comes to the total interest paid on the mortgage loan.

Many news organizations, including Forbes magazine and the Wall Street Journal, actually are consistently reporting that the cost disparity between different lenders is becoming more pronounced. This apparent trend only underscores the need for a consumer to shop around before making a final decision on a refi option for a home mortgage loan.

Calculate a Break Even Point

A lower interest rate alone is not enough, in and of itself, to warrant a refi. Many people are already in mortgage loans that have relatively decent interest rates. Another important item on the list of home refinancing tips is determining the break even point.

The break even point represents a calculation that takes into account the total amount of money -- cost and fees -- associated with the closing of a refinanced home mortgage loan. A determination needs to be made as to whether or not a consumer actually will save money, even with a lower interest rate, when these closing costs are included within the equation. In some cases, refinancing actually does not result in a cost savings for a home owner.

No Closing Cost "Deals" Usually Have Closing Costs

A considerable number of lenders advertise so-called no closing cost mortgage refinance loans. The fact is that even though they advertise no closing costs, closing costs are still assessed.

In many cases, rather than assessing these fees and expenses at the time the loan is closed, these costs are rolled into the loan itself and paid by the consumer over time. Although there may be benefits to a particular consumer for this type of structure, it is important for a home owner to fully understand that a refi option touting no closing costs likely does have closing costs, in a different form.

Consider Cash In Refinancing

During the now infamous housing boom that resulted in the bubble burst in 2008, a considerable number of home owners were opting for what was known as a cash out refinancing option. In other words, they refinanced their home loans by adding an additional amount to the overall loan balance and took the cash out for other purposes.

With cash in refinancing, a home owner actually obtains a smaller mortgage loan balance. At the time of refinancing, a home owner contributes cash towards the original outstanding loan balance, decreasing the overall mortgage debt liability. In these uncertain economic times, and with a home being the typical person's largest asset, the cash in strategy can prove to be a wide investment move for many men and women.

Lock In a Refi Interest Rates

Another item on the list of home refinancing tips involves a consumer locking in an interest rate in writing. A home owner needs to realize that there can be a delay in time between making the decision to refi with a particular lender and the loan closing date. The interest rate associated with the proposed loan actually can increase during that time period. As has been discussed previously, even a slight increase in an interest rate on a mortgage loan can significantly increase the total costs a home owner must pay over time.

By locking in the agreed-to interest rate in advance of the closing, a home owner can rest assured that he or she will end up with the agreed-to rate at the time of closing.

Talk to Family Members, Friends and Colleagues

Even in this hi-tech age, word of mouth can be priceless when it comes to finding the best deal on a home mortgage refi. As part of the due diligence process of finding the most suitable, favorable loan, a person should visit with family members, friends and colleagues.

A home owner is likely to have at least one person in his or her life who has refinanced a mortgage and who likely has useful information.

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Refinancing your home allows you to apply for a loan to pay your other loans against the same property. A second loan gives you the benefit of a declining mortgage interest on your original loan.

Let's assume, for instance, that you are already paying mortgage on your current property. If interest rates plummet, you could decide to take a second loan to pay off the first mortgage loan.

However, when you go with the option of home refinancing, you should carefully consider the fact whether the amount you save in interest is equal to the amount you pay at the time of refinancing.

Advantages of mortgage refinancing

The major advantage of mortgage refinancing is that the process is very lucrative and can potentially save you lots of money, sometimes in the region of thousands of dollars annually.

At the same time, your monthly mortgage budget will significantly reduce thereby allowing you to have some extra money to cater to other expenses.

When you buy your dream house, certain factors will go a long way in determining your rate of interest. Such factors include your credit score, amount of down payment and most importantly, the prevailing market rate.

However, the interest rate tends to fluctuate and therefore, the interest rate may reduce significantly thus presenting you the opportunity to seek a second loan. Therefore, you can exchange, so to speak, a higher interest rate for a lower one, thus allowing you to lower your monthly mortgage payment.

Another important benefit of refinance mortgage is that it gives you the ability to reduce the tenure of your mortgage loan. If the initial mortgage period was for, say, 40 years, then mortgage refinancing will help shorten the period of 15 or 25 years.

Also, it can help you increase your disposable income considering the fact that you have more money in your pocket. You will make significant savings from your lower monthly mortgage bill which you can deploy towards remodelling your home or other miscellaneous expenses.

Refinancing your home is tax-deductible. In other words, even if you ever go bankrupt, you have a tax advantage for the closing costs associated with refinancing your home mortgage.

Important Procedures in Refinancing

First, you have to understand why you want to refinance your home loan. There may be many reasons why you wish to refinance your home, ranging from loan modification, the need for home improvement, or maybe you just want to shorten the term of your loan.

Whatever your reason is, you need to make sure that your reasons for refinancing are clearly defined. Then, decide what type of loan you want, either arm (adjustable rate mortgages) or a fixed rate and the most favourable term of the loan.

When you are contemplating on a mortgage refinance, it is important to have your home valued. As part of the refinancing process, you need to evaluate your home, as this will let you know the market value of your property which you can then relate to the lender.

However, before you borrow, you need to fill out a form that will decide whether or not you qualify to get the loan. Once you have established your eligibility, you will need to submit all the necessary documentation to the lending company.

As part of the process, you have to submit your documents for notarisation by a notary public. This part of the procedure ensures that a government-recognized official attests to the transaction.

Upon completion of documents and notarisation process, the lender may then release the loan.

For more tips on how to refinance your home mortgage loan and save yourself lots of money.

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