He is in horrific shape, heartbroken and depressed Duke cowers all day long in his kennel

Paleo Diet Eating Plan: Is It Favourable to Your Health?

Having a difficult time planning your paleo diet meal? Wanted to stay fit by following this revolutionary diet regimen?

Paleo meal plans foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, lean meats and seafood. It provides nutrients such as soluble fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fats and carbohydrates. You must focus on red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds. Also, small amounts of honey, dried fruit and plant oils are included in meals. All processed foods that contain artificial ingredients, salt, refined sugars and grains and saturated and Trans fats...a big no-no in practicing Paleo Diet eating plan. When fruits and vegetables replace grains and dairy, even healthy whole grains and non-fat dairy. Coffee, alcohol and legumes are not allowed on your daily intake. Potatoes are not recommended in this diet because they are now genetically altered by modern farming techniques.

To begin with a Paleo Diet meal, prepare egg scrambled with spinach and mushrooms in the morning. For lunch, a recommended meal is grilled fish and a green vegetable salad with oil dressing. And for sumptuous dinner, you can eat grilled lean beef, steamed broccoli and a salad of tomatoes and raw bell peppers. Pig out on berries, guacamole and cut-up vegetables and nuts for snack.

What are the benefits of having Paleo diet in your meal?

Paleo diet can help you feel full longer and reduce your appetite. You must include on your meal plans: a large amount of fruits and vegetables.

But in this diet restricts you to many foods that you are eating and it may require you to prepare your own meal and planning the whole process of this healthy diet to follow. As you will notice, you will experience withdrawal symptoms whenever you eliminate caffeine and alcohol, and it resulting to massive headaches, fatigue and irritability.

It's hard to always come up with original meals from time to time from lack of options or a kitchen that still contains some not so good food choices.

The easiest way for people not only to understand what foods are healthy and what foods are not and why, but also to grasp what it entails to be eating Paleo on a day-to-day basis. The best way to prepare a typical paleo eating plan is to give out a sample of a week or two worth of food.

You can skip a meal whenever you feel like it or not. And the paleo diet is not about eating three square meals per day. If you decide to fast for a day, that's perfectly fine as well, but you must include three meals and a snack every day just to give you enough options to choose from. A meal plan like this can easily be adjust to four or even five weeks, because there will be leftovers to about every dinner as well as some of the lunches that you can use whenever you want during the rest of the week or put it on the fridge. This will also save you time from preparing food for every single meal. Some of the meals require quite a bit of preparation time, but most can be prepared a day in advance to make it easier. Some, like soups, stews and roasts, take time to cook, but not much active preparation time.

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Paleo Diet - 7 Day Sample Paleo Meal Plan For Improved Health and Weight Loss
Paleo Diet Sample Meal Plans

For those who don't know, the Paleo way of eating is biologically the most appropriate diet for us humans and has therefore gained a lot of notoriety due to the success people have had with following a Paleo eating plan.

So whilst the benefits of following this diet are well documented, preparing meals & knowing what to eat can be difficult which is where these paleo diet sample meal plans will help you.

Furthermore, it may be easy enough to eat a healthy Paleo breakfast & lunch dish but when it comes to preparing an evening meal you may have run out of ideas & you're just too tired to research a supper Paleo dish that you end up settling for something less healthy to the detriment of your body & health.

So to stick to the diet it is advisable to be prepared in advance & to help you here is a great paleo diet sample meal plan for you to get going with...

7-Day Sample Paleo Diet Meal Plan


Breakfast - A bowl of berries with coconut milk or have a Paleo omelet

Lunch - Big salad with your favorite protein (chicken, steak, etc.)

Snack - Apple slices with almond butter

Dinner - Slow cooker pulled pork


Breakfast - Paleo banana bread or have bacon & eggs with a portion of fruit

Lunch - Blanched/sauteed veggies (pre-made and reheated)

Snack - Can of tuna

Dinner - Taco pie


Breakfast - Coconut milk smoothie or have banana pancakes

Lunch - Soup (reheated or in a thermos)

Snack - Paleo trail mix

Dinner - Stuffed bell peppers


Breakfast - Paleo cereal (mixed nuts & berries) with coconut milk or have Paleo muffins

Lunch - BLT wrap with lettuce instead of bread wrap

Snack - Hard boiled eggs

Dinner - Fajitas


Breakfast - Steak and eggs

Lunch - Cold cut meats and veggies (snack-like but filling)

Snack - Avocado

Dinner - Paleo fried chicken fingers


Breakfast - Eggs and sweet potato hash browns

Lunch - Sandwich with bell pepper slices instead of bread

Snack - Almonds

Dinner - Sundried tomato bacon wrapped meatloaf


Breakfast - Egg/veggie/meat scramble

Lunch - Dinner leftovers

Snack - Paleo trail mix

Dinner - Meat and veggie stir fry

This 1-Week Paleo Sample eating Plan provides you with a good idea of how to structure your Paleo diet.

Paleo Food List

If you want to structure your own eating plans it is worth noting the food groups that make up this healthy way of eating;

Finally eating like a caveman on the Paleolithic (Paleo) Diet will not only improve your health, but an important side effect of this dietary plan is dramatic weight loss.

Going Paleo will have your health & body jumping for joy...

PS. For more Paleo recipes, meal plans & exciting dishes get these Paleo Diet Recipes which will provide you with a vast range of food ideas & recipes.

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