Cruel Woman breaks the spine of the 7-week-old pup with its ribs then post the video

Since the vast majority of those, who purchase a home, or any other form of real estate, use some sort of mortgage vehicle, it might be useful, and/ or beneficial, to better understand and appreciate, as much as possible, regarding the many variables and/ or factors, involved and related! We often discuss factors, such as the term/ length of the loan, interest rates, variable versus fixed type, etc, it seems, few people fully understanding what, points, mean, when it comes to this process and transaction. When someone pays points, in acquiring a mortgage, he must realize, one point is equal to one percent, of the amount borrowed. For example, paying 1% for a $500,000 mortgage, means pre - paying $5,000. Sometimes, this is necessary, because of a less - than - optimal credit standing, and at others, may be used, to pay - down the rate, one might pay, on a monthly basis. This article will briefly discuss and examine, 3 considerations, for whether paying points, is a good strategy, and/ or makes sense, for the borrower.

1. Need extra interest write - off, this year: Many individuals have varying income, from year - to - year! It might make sense, since mortgage interest is still, tax - deductible, for these people, to pay the points, in order to have a greater write - off, in the year, when they are in a higher tax bracket! However, one should discuss this, thoroughly, with his trusted, tax professional, prior to using this strategy/ approach!

2. Have present funds, but needs a lower monthly carrying cost: Imagine, if one has ample funds, to pay the extra amounts, needed for the down - payment, but either doesn't qualify, for a loan, with the higher monthly payment, and/ or needs to have a lower monthly installment, to be qualified! In these circumstances, paying points might make sense, and be an effective strategy, and/ or approach!

3. Pay - down mortgage interest rate: When one pre - pays a portion of the overall interest, necessary to obtain a mortgage, by paying points, he will receive a lower interest rate, from the lending institution. Again, one should thoroughly discuss, with his financial and tax professionals, whether this approach, makes sense for him!

Should you pay points, when you seek a mortgage loan? There is no one - size - fits - all answer and/ or response, and, the answer, is, It depends!

Cruel Woman breaks the spine of the dog with its ribs then post video on social media. A brutal lady is facing criminal charges after abusing a 7-week-old pup in Wood County, West Virginia.

On Monday, Wood County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the 28-year-old woman called Tammara Briggs, who has been charged with animal cruelty.

Doctors are unsure if Trotter will ever fully recover and be able to walk again. Trotter’s spine is swollen, and there is blood in his spinal column. Right now, because of the spinal cord fracture, Trotter doesn’t have bladder or bowel control.

Because of the continued period of historically low, interest rates, a record number of Americans, have decided, it may be the ideal time, to consider refinancing their existing mortgage, in order to take advantage of these conditions. Since one's home, for most people, is their single, largest financial asset, doesn't it make sense, than any step taken, should be well - considered, etc? This article will attempt to briefly review and examine, 5 considerations, regarding whether one should, or shouldn't refinance their home mortgage.

1. Run the numbers clearly and thoroughly: Be carefully to avoid proceeding hastily, or without thoroughly examining, whether it makes sense, for you! Examine all relevant factors, including costs associated with refinancing, how long, and how much remains on your existing mortgage (as well as its interest rate), closing costs, term of the new document, etc. How long might it take you to recoup the costs of refinancing?

2. How long do you plan to live in your existing home?: Be certain you plan, to live, where you do, long enough, for taking this step? Depending upon that period, your decision might vary! Also, the length of time, you plan to stay, will help you decide, the best type of mortgage, to seek, and go after!

3. Home value: Has your home's value substantially increased, since you first, financed it? Does it make sense, to take advantage of that, and, if you qualify, seek a larger mortgage, to generate disposable funds, etc?

4. Your quality of credit: How good is your credit, and how much might you qualify for, based on the combination of your credit worthiness, income, existing other debt, and the enhanced value of your house? Will you feel comfortable, with additional debt, or, prefer, to have far less? Since our tax code, still, provides preferential tax treatment, to home mortgage interest, be certain you include that factor, in your determination!

5. Hassle/ time/ focus/ reasoning: Any time, one refinances, there is a degree of hassle, and disturbing one's comfort zone! In addition, the process requires a considerable amount of time, effort and resources, including gathering all the necessary documents/ paperwork, and other requirements, underwriters seek! Is your focus and emphasis, practical and realistic, and does, proceeding with refinancing, make sense, for you? Examine your reasoning, and determine, what might be the best course of action!

For many homeowners, refinancing is both wise and prudent. However, it doesn't always make sense for everyone. Before you proceed, examine your personal situation, and decide, what's best for you!

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    1. I fully agree. This twisted POS needs to die a slow, painful death.

    2. yeah, then take a selfie with the body.

  2. Sick twisted bitch. She deserves to go to jail. I would like to do the same to her that she did to that puppy

  3. I would love to get my hands on her.

  4. Waste of flesh monster...Why go out of your way to cause so much cruelty to an innocent creature!?!? I pray that this pup is still happy and will somehow be ok..even if he needs one of those little adorable wheelchairs...This monster of a woman should be paralyzed just as much as this puppy :(

  5. tammara briggs ... ugly little whore,,, pathetic fucking trash

  6. What a piece of ROTTING GARBAGE KARMA IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU SCUM BAG i hope you suffer for the rest of your miserable useless life stupid ugly bitch

  7. How do we know she did that ? I don't trust social media


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