Terrified senior pair 15 & 16 years old surrendered and deserted at high kill shelter by their family

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Senior dogs surrendered by owner. This gorgeous pair is 15 & 16 years young! They look great but their eyes and ears are starting to fail them. They are starting to walk into walls and doors, and we want to see them settled into their new home while they still have a chance to get comfortable in new surroundings. Can you help!??!

The senior’s plight touches all of our hearts as compassionate animal advocates and friends question how anyone could drive their dog to a busy shelter, take off his collar and walk away after so many years together?

Sadly, dogs are left behind much too often, and even more tragic are the seniors left to mourn in noisy shelters once they realize their families are gone forever. Some are lucky; some find new homes.

We are NOT the City Shelter to where pictures were taken. FOR MORE INFO ON THIS PET please contact:
Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Center at +1 954-359-1313
2400 SW 42nd Street, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33312
Ask for information about animal ID Numbers A1941417 and A1983810

Fidonation, if you or someone you know is interested in giving this pup the forever family he rightfully deserves, please contact the Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Center at +1 954-359-1313, and reference the shelter ID Numbers A1941417 and A1983810

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Speak Up! please share this story on Facebook or Twitter so we are closer to finding this terrified soul a home. We have done it so many times together, and can certainly do it again. Thank you!

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