Jerk owner dump blind terrified GSD at full capacity shelter, Raina need miracle to get out alive

Imagine how terrified & alone she must feel right now! abandoned by her beloved owner in an unfamiliar place, possibly blind & surrounded by barking dogs with the scent of fear everywhere! just look at her photo! heartbreaking! please do not let her stay that way 1 minute longer, or even worse, die there alone & afraid!

We just can't let this precious sweetheart who loves life so much die! we just can't! together we can do this! we are begging here for someone to save her! if you cannot take her yourself, please quickly share with all your con you can tacts & post/email everywhere!

please never let a dog being possibly blind stop you for one 2nd from adopting or rescuing! vision is not a dog's primary sense, as it is for us & anyone who has ever known a blind dog will tell you that once acclimated, which usually takes just a few days, you forget they have any eye issues at all & they are the same characters, the same happy & loving dogs, if not more so, as all the rest! it truly is amazing! this sweet dog will be no different and there is no smarter, more loyal dog than a shepherd!

RAINA–ID #A1800407
"My Name Is RAINA & I Am An Unaltered Female, Black & Tan German Shepherd Dog. The Shelter Thinks I Am About 8-Years-Old. I Weigh Approximately 84-Pounds. I Have Been At The Shelter Since July 30, 2018." Adoption Fees Include Spay/Neuter Surgery, All Animals Will Be Sterilized Prior to Release.

We are NOT the City Shelter to where pictures were taken. FOR MORE INFO ON THIS PET please contact:
For More Information about This Animal, Call:
Los Angeles Animal Services – South Los Angeles Shelter
at 1-(888)-452-7381
Ask for Information about Animal-ID A1800407

Anna Hernandez-Meza, Life Saving Coordinator
Phone: 1-(213)-264-8996
Los Angeles Animal Services - South Los Angeles Shelter
1850 West 60th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90047
Phone Number: 1-(888)-452-7381
Fax Number: 1-(213)-847-0554

Fidonation, if you or someone you know is interested in giving this pup the forever family he rightfully deserves, please contact the Los Angeles Animal Services – South Los Angeles Shelter, and reference the shelter ID #A1800407.

- NO UPDATE RECEIVED, read comment for update from crossposter

Speak Up! please share this story on Facebook or Twitter so we are closer to finding this terrified soul a home. We have done it so many times together, and can certainly do it again. Thank you!

3 Responses to "Jerk owner dump blind terrified GSD at full capacity shelter, Raina need miracle to get out alive"

  1. I am trying to aggressively network this poor dog. I run a rescue for blind dogs in NM called Tootsie's Vision and I hope hope hope someone will step up for this sweet and understandably confused girl.

  2. To the people who create these "Saves Dogs Report" when you take a page created by a qualified & accurate Networker, please have the courtesy to include their FB URL - as you embellish what is said, never keep up with the post updates, or current status causing people to waste their time sharing your pages that are basically useless!!! One of the reasons we do not allow people to post your pages on our sites any more!!!


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