Not one rescue has stepped up, his horrible and painful life will end up 'euth' at shelter

Still no rescue has stepped up. I cannot and will not let this baby die. I cannot do this alone financially and need help to save him. Please honor your pledges and donate for his vet care as it’s going to be expensive. He will be going to the vet ASAP as soon as transport can be arranged!

URGENT!!!!! his stray hold was up yesterday! Kenneled with another dog, eye swollen shut and his wounds are infected. He’s hot and miserable! Needs foster and rescue backing ASAP! Please share!

ID # 39201097

We are NOT the City Shelter to where pictures were taken. FOR MORE INFO ON THIS PET please contact:
Palm Valley Animal Center at +1 956-686-1141
2501 W Trenton Rd, Edinburg, TX 78539
Ask for information about animal ID # 39201097

Fidonation, if you or someone you know is interested in giving this pup the forever family he rightfully deserves, please contact the Palm Valley Animal Center at +1 956-686-1141, and reference the shelter ID #A39201097

- NO UPDATE RECEIVED, read comment for update from crossposter

Speak Up! please share this story on Facebook or Twitter so we are closer to finding this terrified soul a home. We have done it so many times together, and can certainly do it again. Thank you!

9 Responses to "Not one rescue has stepped up, his horrible and painful life will end up 'euth' at shelter"

  1. This article is false. He has a rescue tag and a local rescuer (who wrote what you plagiarized above) is getting the dog medical care. He will leave for rescue tomorrow.

    1. When this was posted they didn’t know he was safe!! We knock ourselves out trying to save a life!!
      Trust me, rescues don’t care if they’re “plagiarized” sheesh.

    2. Here is the thing, if you plan to plagiarize and not note the person who wrote it as someone to get an update from, THEN UPDATE THE DANG POST. This dog has been safe for over 12 hours, and has had a rescue tag over 24 hours! Why do you not update the post and have rescuers working a dog that's already safe?!?! Come on...

  2. He has been rescued and is at the Vet.

  3. This baby is safe - Thank you Rescue Row ❤️

  4. the most important thing is he was rescued. What about they other ones who were posted above on here?

  5. Rescued by Rescue Row. Go to their page for updates please.


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