7 months old Chi scheduled to 'euth' for his 'BEHAVIOR' How much trouble can a baby cause??


Per shelter: CODE RED❗ in imminent need for rescue and in danger of being euthanized if not picked up by a rescue.

Have you ever been so hurt, your whole body is crying? Your heart is aching so much, you cant take a breathe? I am doing the best that I can, but the shelter doesn't have time for the broken hearted, shy, or the scared - they just want us gone, one way or another. Please give me a chance.

I am a male, tan and white Chihuahua - Smooth Coated mix.

The shelter staff think I am about 7 months old.

I have been at the shelter since Jun 25, 2018.

We are NOT the City Shelter to where pictures were taken. FOR MORE INFO ON THIS PET please contact:
Riverside County Animal Control - Coachella Shelter at (760) 343-3644
72-050 Pet Land Place
Thousand Palms, CA 92276
Ask for information about animal ID number #A1448706

Fidonation, if you or someone you know is interested in giving this pup the forever family he rightfully deserves, please contact the Riverside County Animal Control - Coachella Shelter, and reference the shelter ID #A1448706

- NO UPDATE RECEIVED, read comment for update from crossposter

Speak Up! please share this story on Facebook or Twitter so we are closer to finding this terrified soul a home. We have done it so many times together, and can certainly do it again. Thank you!

1 Response to "7 months old Chi scheduled to 'euth' for his 'BEHAVIOR' How much trouble can a baby cause??"

  1. I have an open home and big bed to sleep and cuddle with. I’m in TN but if someone could transport i can meet and love him forever


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