2 years old blind pup down into a deep depression, he will be in immediate grave danger

BEYOND URGENT! Shelby, NC; “Elijah” Sweetest, Rottie X, w/Diminished Vision
THE SHELTER IS FILLING UP QUICKLY AND WHEN THEY ARE FULL ELIJAH WILL BE IN EXTREME DANGER OF BEING PTS! There is little time to hesitate here! Please help! Only 2 years old! $25 Pledged so far!

ELIJAH, Animal ID #A37392731
Please help this precious little boy find a new forever home or rescue now before it is too late! Please do not let him die afraid and alone in a shelter! He is still a baby at only 2 years old! And what a great baby he is! Loves everyone, has a great personality, is housetrained and gets along great with both dogs and cats, although he doesn’t much care for overly active dogs!

ELIJAH has bilateral retinal detachment, which is causing diminished vision but please do not let that stop you for one second from adopting or rescuing this Sweetheart! Vision is not a dog’s primary sense, as it is for us, and anyone who has ever known a dog with diminished vision, including those totally blind, will tell you that once acclimated, which usually takes just a few days, you forget they have any eye issues at all and they are the same characters, the same happy & loving dogs, if not more so, as all the rest! It truly is amazing! This sweet pup will be no different!

ELIJAH is neutered, utd on all age appropriate shots, and housebroken, gets along with both cats and dogs, has a great personality, calm and patient! Ready made to fit right into the any family with older children!!! He must be an inside dog only, and because of his vision, in a home with older children only! While ELIJAH is not in any immediate danger of being pts, he has been at the shelter since December 14th, and they are filling up quickly! When they are full, which can be at any time, he will be in immediate grave danger so please don’t hesitate here!

Contact Information:
Cleveland County Animal Control
1609 Airport Rd,
Shelby, NC 28150
Phone: 1-(704) 481-9884
Email: animal.shelter@clevelandcounty.com &

- NO UPDATE RECEIVED, read comment for update from crossposter

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