14 years old and surrendered on Christmas Eve, he has lost everything he’s ever known

I want to believe they had their reasons, I cannot think of one good reason, but I’m sure they had one. The shelter was closed for the holidays so this old man sat there, it kills me to think of the pain and Loneliness he endured during that time. Dogs don’t know it’s the holidays, a dogs life should always be a holiday, so to try and imagine what was playing out in his mind is just too much for me to think about.

For two days this old man sat in a metal box, his mind confused, some may say he’s just a dog; they don’t feel like we do.. I have witnessed dogs separated from their humans and the joy they show as they are reunited will bring tears to even the thickest of skin. I see my own dogs unable to contain their excitement when I have only run to the store for a few items. I am their world and they are mine, I cherish the excitement they show when they see me, no judgement; just joy.

I know that if the prior Owner was to change their mind this old man would turn to wiggles and perhaps roll on his back, maybe whimper or bark unable to hold back the excitement he felt at their appearance... but they are not coming back, the shelter told me they showed no regret and no good bye pat on the head was given, they walked out of his life as if he never mattered to them at all.

Dogs are not disposable!!
Dogs. Are. Not. Disposable!!
They are a gift from God to be with us thru thick and thin and always to the end.

•••••I need a foster, I need to get this old man to the vet to fix all that ails him. Please help this old man, he needs us and all the Love we can show him, he has lost everything he’s ever known.

Please contact us by email at hello@dallasdogrrr.org

***His nose is raw due to him burying his food under his blanket.

6 Responses to "14 years old and surrendered on Christmas Eve, he has lost everything he’s ever known"

  1. Will foster it keeps getting erased

  2. This dog is in Dallas, TX and Dallas Dog RRR is begging for a foster to help him. If you can help, please lat them know thru their FB page.

  3. Sorry I would love to help but I am in Los Angeles. I saw something about the Carson shelter they are not far from me, that is why I offered to foster


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