Her life is about to end before it ever began, 6 weeks old pup will die unless someone cares

One morning she woke up and her life as she knew it was gone. She wandered around the park with the saddest little face, yet nobody seemed to notice. Until a young boy became her hero and thought her life mattered.

She happily followed him to the shelter where she met even more people - she was so excited at that moment in time. But today she sits on death row after catching the shelters cold - today she will die unless someone cares. NOT RESERVED - ELLA WILL BE KILLED SHORTLY.

For more information about Ella, call:
Franklin County Animal Shelter NC
Call +1 919-496-3032
351 T Kemp Rd Louisburg, North Carolina

Ask for information about animal below:
Ella - Female, Bluetick Coonhound Mix, 6 weeks old.
Available for adoption 11/04/17.
Available for rescue 11/07/17

- NO UPDATE RECEIVED, read comment for update from crossposter

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13 Responses to "Her life is about to end before it ever began, 6 weeks old pup will die unless someone cares"

  1. Killing a puppy should be illegal!
    That's just BS, haven't tried to find a home! Shameful!

  2. if i didn't live so far away i would take her right away poor baby... my heart is broken....

  3. A shelter is no place for a sick dog -- it's cruel to that dog and infects all the others. If the shelter does not have an available foster (or if the puppy caught parvo or distemper), sometimes the shelter has no choice in order to keep the other dogs safe.

  4. I think this site is a hoax. It sounds fraudulent to. Just the wording. The way they say if like an announcement.

  5. Some are a Hoax! But this one isn’t Please get this PuP out of there and get to a Vet! He’s in need and take him home. We all need a Home ! They get scared like people! Come on Rescue!πŸ˜±πŸ‘❤️πŸ™❤️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈNew Jersey Post & Shares this lil one ! Send him North by me New Jersey! Weehawken! 201-289-7266 My Cell or Tex!

  6. please note everyone the pup was healthy until it got in the shelter and them got sick and most shelters wont help a sick or injured dog with vet care they think it is cheaper just to put them down so that also means that that shelter will take and quarentin those sick dogs with the ones already scheduald to be put down which are also sick or injured and gas them all at once

  7. Rainbow Animal Rescue of NC has offered to take this pup. They tell us not available for rescue until 11/7

  8. Thank you Rinbow Animal Rescue of NC for taking this darling pup. Doing my Happy Dance!

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  11. These kill shelters should be shut down. Shame on them for killing so many innocent animals


  13. Not on website any longer .. hopefully got adopted


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