Terrified senor Shepherd dumped and forgotten, hopeless as he is listed to be put down

They have to euth this week if some of the dogs don't get moved. He had done nothing wrong, he ws dumped by irresponsible humans that should not have animals. Humans that don't feel having an animal is a lifetime commitment and they should be treated as family.

This GSD is friendly with other dogs and people. He hadn't been touched by humans in a year, so he takes a second to warm up. But is friendly with everyone and strangers just takes a second for him to approach you. He is playful and really blossoms when he goes outside. So an active foster brother/sister would be better for him. He is also a big boy and once he puts on the weight he will probably weigh around 75 pounds. He is so happy for attention and love, a wonderful boy.

#A5110273 I'm an approximately 8 year old male German Shepherd. I am not yet neutered. I will be available on 9/16. You can visit me at my temporary home at C330.

🔹 German Shepherd
🔹 AGE:8 years
🔹 Male
🔹 Carson Shelter - 310-523-9566
🔹 M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
🔹 216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248

💚💚 INTERESTED IN FOSTERING? If you are in LA, OC, SB, or Riverside County and can foster this dog, please take a moment to email CarsonfosterS@gmail.com ASAP to request an application. It would save their life!


Speak Up! please share this story on Facebook or Twitter so we are closer to finding this terrified soul a home. We have done it so many times together, and can certainly do it again.

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