Fearful poor Mission living in high kill shelter, betrayed by heartless owner

Mission is a sweet loving pup that enjoys his life and tries to live it to the fullest. No one and nothing can stop Mission; not even confinement in a kennel space tantamount to a prison cell will stop him from greeting you with a paw and a smile, especially when you consider her rough circumstances.

Mission, who after 1+ years of love, loyalty and devotion was shocked by the stunning betrayal, has become so depressed and sad, that she seldom lifts his head to greet shelter patrons anymore. Amidst the chaos noise and confusion of shelter life, Joe hides his tears and sorrow on a cold plastic cot, the only solace from the pain and rejection he feels each day. Sad indeed.

Mission is a bit overwhelmed by his situation at the moment. He needs a patient person to help him break out of his shell. Will you give him the TLC he deserves? Mission is a rat terrier blend, around 1 year old, and weighs about 10 lbs.

For more information about Mission, call:

San Antonio Animal Care Services
contact info@sanantoniopetsalive.org or placement@sanantoniopetsalive.org or call 210-370-7612 (email preferred)

GO TO SAPA BLDG 1 & bring the Pet's ID!
Address: 4710 Hwy. 151 San Antonio, Texas 78227
Our shelter is open from 11AM-7PM Mon -Fri, 11AM-5PM Sat and 11AM-5PM Sun

Ask for information about animal ID number A450024


Speak Up! please share this story on Facebook or Twitter so we are closer to finding this terrified soul a home. We have done it so many times together, and can certainly do it again.

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