faceless dog walked street with huge tumor and no one helped

How many people walked by Snoopy in a South Texas neighborhood and saw the huge tumor hanging from the dog’s underbelly? He suffers from a massive hernia that made it nearly impossible to walk – still no one ever stopped to help him. Relief finally came for Snoopy on Wednesday afternoon when an animal advocate and rescuer used her phone camera to video Snoopy’s heartbreaking plight. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were alerted; co-founder Stacey Silverstein responded immediately:

“This nameless, faceless dog has been wandering the South Texas streets for a long time. Many people saw him, watched for weeks and months as he dragged that tumor around, hardly able to walk and did nothing. Today we were called to help him. We could not let this atrocity continue another minute so we agreed to help this dog who we have named Snoopy. He now has a name and an identity,” Stacey posted on the group’s Facebook page.

Snoopy was then rushed to the organization’s emergency veterinarian hospital in Texas for life saving treatment. On Thursday morning, it was decided that Snoopy will be transported to New York City for specialized surgery for the enormous hernia apparently left untreated for years. Sadly, there is more to Snoopy’s story:

“It has been confirmed by The ER Hosp in Texas that Snoopy suffers from head trauma and was most definitely hit by a car multiple times. Our hearts break for poor Snoopy knowing how he has suffered,” added Stacey.

Please help with Snoopy’s medical expenses. No dog should have to suffer because of someone’s heartless and cruel treatment. Although it is a sad reality that many dog owners can not afford expensive surgery for their dogs when an emergency occurs, that in no way excuses anyone from opening the door and pushing one’s pet outside to fend for himself as someone did to Snoopy.

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(Photos and video of Snoopy with huge tumor courtesy Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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