nobody cares about me...his face says it all - unloved and forgotten by everybody

Poor little love stuck in Doggy Jail. This jack Russell mix is sweet and cute as can be! We can't believe no one has wanted him! He is sad because his stray hold is up and he must leave MONDAY!! They have no room we have just over a day to get a firm plan for this poor boy! Look how he is begging to be saved!!!

This sad dog is a cutie that need to be adopted ASAP! He will look so different when he has a home with love and TLC. Don't let this cuite die. He deserves to live. Someone please adopt thsi cutie now. Save him please!

This pup looks to have Australian Cattle Dog in him as well....can someone please tag a heeler or herding dog rescue?

For more information about Casey, contact:
Nueces County, TX
Call 410-608-2195
South Texas Rural Shelter, close to Corpus Christi
CALL COORDINATOR: (410) 608-2195

Ask for information about animal in kennel number 29

This young boy’s time is nearing the close of life. Share his plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. This young boy’s options depend on all of us.


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