heartbreaking video of two dogs who are in desperate need of help

Urgent 911 🚨🚨

We just revived this heartbreaking video of two dogs who are in desperate need of help. Dexter and Rita were found on someone's property, probably dumped together. As you can see, Dexter is just a walking skeleton, you can see every bone in his emaciated body. Rita, his friend wouldn't leave his side, and she is very scared, about what the future holds for her and her buddy. How could someone intentionally starve a dog to this degree? This is absolutely heartbreaking.

The pair have been picked up by animal control, and are now in a loud overcrowded municipal shelter. Dexter is in need of medical attention, as he is barely able to stand in his condition. Rita is also skinny, but in a bit better shape than Dexter.

We really are desperate to pull this pair to safety, and get them to our vet for urgent care. This is a big undertaking, and we can not do this without your support. We also would never leave anyone behind, but taking on two dogs is very costly. Please consider assisting us in the fight to save Dexter and Rita!! No amount is too small, every $1 helps

Go to www.nycsecondchancerescue.org

Or by mail
PO Box 570701
Whitestone NY 11357

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