He clings to his toys ring after the death of the man he loved ...

The owner's son, his primary caretaker passed away and Clyde has been DEPRESSED ever since. He lived with many children, was playful with his shih tzu buddies, and loves human food that he might sneak from the kids. No more walks, nobody to love him anymore, nobody wants him around - so off to the kill shelter he goes. Heartbreaking! CLYDE WILL BE KILLED SHORTLY at Miami-Dade Animal Services.

This is a male black and tan Bernese Mountain Dog mix, approximately 2 years old and weighs 64 pounds.

Volunteer writes "Clyde's notes are heartbreaking. The owner's son, his primary caretaker passed away and Clyde has been depressed ever since. He hasn't been getting his usual walks, and of course he probably misses his BFF. With me Clyde was shy at first, but warmed up a little over time. He does seem very housetrained, and was friendly with other dogs we met along the way. He has lived with a shih tzu and did well, but doesn't seem to like cats. Please share this heartbreaker"

For more information about Clyde, call:
Miami-Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption and Protection Center at (305) 8841101 or 311
3599 NW 79th Ave, Doral, FL 33166
Ask for information about animal ID number #A1881991

This young boy’s time is nearing the close of life. Share his plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Clyde’s options depend on all of us.


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