Woman Sobbed As She Surrendered Her Two Bonded Dogs To ‘Save Her Marriage’

Today, while I was in the East Valley Animal Shelter lobby, this young woman came in with these two stunning dogs, and she was sobbing. I went over to ask her what assistance she might need and she said she had to relinquish her dogs, a brother and sister, from the same litter, that she has had for six years.

The reason she gave was to "save her marriage." I wanted to say to her that she'll likely never be able to have the same feelings for her husband again, because she'll have to live with the guilt of giving her precious dogs up.

I wanted to tell her she would be better off saving her dogs and relinquishing her husband. I just walked away with a heavy heart, hoping they will be adopted together.

The dogs - CALI (A1679910) and DINGO (A1679911) - are very bonded and it would be wonderful if they could stay together. They are listed as Australian Shepherds, but they look more like Australian Cattle Dogs (in my opinion).

I didn't have a chance to ask what information the woman gave about the dogs, but they appeared to be special. Please check them out at the shelter at 14409 Vanowen, Van Nuys, CA. Phone: 888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381, FAX 818-756-9110.

4 Responses to "Woman Sobbed As She Surrendered Her Two Bonded Dogs To ‘Save Her Marriage’"

  1. Any person who demands you rid yourself of your dogs is not worth it.

  2. "to save our marriage" are you kidding me? Not much of a marriage if you have to give away your family. Get rid of him. Don't you know there are three times as many men in this world as there are women?

    1. I agree, no man is worth giving up your fur babies. I'd tell mine to take a hike before I would give my babies away.

  3. I wouldn't hardly give away my toenail clippings.


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