Tragic Update On Emaciated Dog Rescued From Life On A Chain

A tragic update has been released about an emaciated dog who was rescued from a miserable existence on the end of a chain. The dog, dubbed “Ruby,” was taken in by the Ohio SPCA and treated for the multitude of maladies caused by her sad life of neglect.

Unfortunately, despite finally being offered love and care, the toll of being starved for so long claimed her life. ABC 6 reported that Ruby was euthanized on Monday after a surgery was performed to help correct an intestinal issue which had manifested from her ongoing starvation.

The Ohio SPCA notified Facebook followers of the devastating loss shortly after Ruby’s death:

Heaven has gained an angel. At approximately 3:45 a.m. this morning, the battle became too much for Ruby. The heartbreaking decision was made to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Victoria was with her and held Ruby close and told her how much she was loved. Three MedVet technicians were also with her. One had a hand on her and the other two held a front paw. Ruby crossed the Bridge peacefully.

The shelter has indicated that they are fighting to see Ruby’s abusers face serious repercussions for the ongoing neglect. The Ohio SPCA stated:

Ruby’s case appears to still not be in the correct hands in order for a felony charge to be filed. We are making sure that it is. Contrary to what a law enforcement official believes, this was serious harm done to a companion animal which means the owner should be charged with a 5th degree felony. Hopefully, we will have more answers by tomorrow. We are not giving up.

1 Response to "Tragic Update On Emaciated Dog Rescued From Life On A Chain"

  1. Anyone who is capable of hurting abandoning or killing a innocent defenseless animal is a COWARD! EVIL SUB HUMAN WHO SHOULD HAVE THE SAME DONE TO THEM!!


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