This Is The Face Of A Broken Hearted Sweet Boy After His Family Threw Him Away - Again

Taz has only been with his owner for 2 yrs, well who had him before? How many times has he experienced being let down in is life? Somehow he remains extremely affectionate - loved to sleep with his owner, playing gently with the kids ages 7- 19, and likes the girl doggies. He is not a stuffed animal to be thrown away, he is a living breathing soul with feelings and sadly a broken heart. Maybe today will be the day someone will choose him forever. IF NOT, HE WILL BE KILLED SHORTLY AT NYCACC - BROOKLYN, NY

Volunteer Rachel Bennette says
"I walked Taz and he is a good ole guy! He seems very housetrained, and knows sit and give paw. His former owner said he's lived with kids, likes female dogs, and chases cats. He likes to be groomed, knows how to play fetch and if someone isn't at home to let him out, he is trained to go to the bathroom in the tub, lol. Taz likes to sleep in the bed with his person (who doesn't!) and is described as a relaxed and affectionate dog

TAZ - A1101673@Brooklyn ACC
Shelter contact information
Phone number (212) 788-4000

Shelter Addresses:
Brooklyn Shelter: 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11208
Manhattan Shelter: 326 East 110 St. New York, NY 10029
Staten Island Shelter: 3139 Veterans Road West Staten Island, NY 10309

Additionally, please share this story of TAZ on Facebook or Twitter, so we are closer to finding him the forever family he rightfully deserves. We have done it before and can certainly do it again.

If you or someone you know is interested in giving this adorable pup the forever home he rightfully deserves, PLEASE forward to them. Thank you

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