Terrified 4-year old Boy Surrendered to Kill Shelter, Will Anyone Notice His Silent Cry For Help?

Sebasian is one of those boys that you see and instantly fall in love with. Sadly, his is one of those stories that just breaks your heart. He was that cute little puppy that someone just had to have - showing him off to friends, buying special toys and treats, happy walks down the city streets. Until one day, nobody could be bothered and he just existed. Until one day, they were moving and didnt care if he was part of their life anymore. He is so young, with so much potential, but will die sad and alone soon. NOT RESERVED - SEBASTIAN WILL BE KILLED SHORTLY - NYCACC BROOKLYN, NY

A volunteer writes:
Sebastian is like a big round, funny-faced bear! He seemed a little unsure when I first approached his cage, but once out, it was clear that he’s just a well-cared for companion in a strange place! He has been easy to walk on leash, has been calm passing other dogs, seems to have housetraining, and just has a cool confidence about him. He wags his tail when I talk to him, when I scratch his butt, and especially when I bust out the treats! A friend of mine had a dog that she taught to do the piaffe and other horse gaits…Sebastian is meant to follow in his paw-steps. As soon as I ask him to “sit” he starts offering his paws one after the other…SUPER charming!"

SEBASTIAN - A1102484
Shelter contact information:
Phone number (212) 788-4000
Email adoption@nycacc.org

Brooklyn Shelter: 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11208
Manhattan Shelter: 326 East 110 St. New York, NY 10029
Staten Island Shelter: 3139 Veterans Road West Staten Island, NY 10309

Additionally, please share this story of Sebasian on Facebook or Twitter, so we are closer to finding him the forever family he rightfully deserves. We have done it before and can certainly do it again.

If you or someone you know is interested in giving this adorable pup the forever home he rightfully deserves, PLEASE forward to them. Thank you

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