Miami Beach Man Who Beat Beagle Puppy To Death Sentenced To Probation

A Miami Beach, Florida man accused of dragging a beagle puppy to her death across a parking lot and beating her with a leash while slamming her to the hard road will not be doing any jail time. Last week, Mathew Milewski accepted a plea deal calling for one year of probation and a fine.

According to the Miami Herald, the plea deal was offered by Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Yvonne Colodny and not by prosecutors. Under the terms of the deal, Milewski, 29, will not have a felony conviction on his record and will be required to pay $1,000 as a donation to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The case had been mired in legal ramifications after it was ruled that law enforcement officers violated Milewski’s rights in seizing the dead puppy’s remains from an animal clinic without a search warrant. The ruling suppressed key evidence in the case which included the results of the necropsy on the puppy’s death and testimony from the veterinarian who examined the dead puppy.

The case was then appealed, and in 2016, the court agreed with the prosecutors that Milewski “abandoned his expectation of privacy in the puppy’s remains” when he left the dead dog at the clinic, however jurors were not made aware of the puppy’s medical records.

Molly was a four-month-old beagle who died in November 2011, one day after Milewski purchased the seven-pound puppy from a breeder. When he brought the severely injured dog to a Miami Beach veterinary clinic the next day, he told the staff the dog had bitten him as he tried to clean her paw and then he dropped her in the shower. According to eyewitnesses, earlier that day, Milewski had dragged the puppy spread-eagle across the parking lot of his condo building until she bled, and beat and slammed her with the leash against the pavement. A valet attendant told police her heard a “loud scream from a dog” and saw Milewski violently beating the defenseless pup. Milewski was charged with animal cruelty

“Dogs don’t become extremely obedient with rainbows and sugarplums,” Milewski told police after he explained he had trained another beagle named Macy in a “very aggressive” manner.

Milewski denied that he was beating the dog and stated he was following directions from a shock collar he had purchased for his puppy to train her. Experts agreed Molly likely died of from brain injury due to head trauma. The puppy had bruising on her mouth and nostrils indicating she also could have been smothered. The other dog Macy was also initially seized by Animal Control, but returned to her owner, who had been Milewski’s significant partner. The two reportedly split up.

Rest in peace Molly. We are sorry that you never had a chance at life.

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