‘Look At Me Now’: Surgeons Give Mutilated Dog A New Muzzle

On Friday morning, the Michigan Humane Society posted a new photograph of Baron, the severely mutilated dog found wandering the streets of Detroit last month after his ears, nose and tail had been chopped off. Surgeons gave him a new muzzle. “Look at me now!”

“The Michigan Humane Society is happy to share that Baron is happy, healthy and healing!,” followed the dog’s photo.
Michigan HS Baron
Dr. Bryden Stanley, a soft tissue expert practicing at Michigan State University, agreed to help. The Rottweiler’s story had gone viral as animal advocates cried out in emotional horror as the dog’s photos circulated through social media. Besides missing his ears, nose and tail, Baron also suffered lacerations all over his body.
According to the FreePress, during surgery, Stanley attached two flaps of skin on Baron’s muzzle to create a new top of his nose. She also linked a piece of skin near his lip to shrink the nasal passage.Baron the dog with missing nose
“He had a big hole in his nose, so he, you know how dogs put their noses everywhere to sniff things out, and so we had to make it a little smaller so he wouldn’t get twigs or berries or anything up there,” stated Dr. Stanley. ” I think he looks quite good.”
Although Baron’s looks can’t be restored to his original appearance since he no longer has his ears, he can still hear fine. His muzzle will never look the same, and he won’t have the black part of his nose, but experts say he will be able to live a near normal life.Dr. Robert Fisher, Michigan Humane Society’s chief medical officer removed all but three inches of Baron’s tail. Assisting in the surgery was Maria Podsiedlik, who is at MSU on an international fellowship program.
There have been no arrests in this case of animal cruelty. Anyone with information is encouraged to call authorities. Doesn’t Baron deserve justice?

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