Heartless Owner Abandons Sad Dog on Side of Road With His Toys, Treats and Favorite Blanket

The Hingham Police Department made a shocking discovery yesterday after a good samaritan flagged down an officer to tend to a dog locked inside of a crate. The officers approached the friendly dog and were shocked to see him locked alone in a cage, left to fend for himself.

A cruel human being abandoned the pup on the corner of 158 Downer Avenue in Hingham. The dog, still locked inside of his crate with his toys, treats and favorite blanket could be seen crying, wondering where his owner went. The Hingham Police Department took to their Facebook page to describe the incident saying:

“Recognize me? This dog was found in this cage with blanket, leash, food, dog coat and toys on side of road near 158 Downer Ave. at 11:19am today. Had been there less then an hour. It had no microchip.”

Source: Hingham Police Department

As you would expect, soon after the image was posted, it went viral, having been shared a total of 6,500 times. In the comments, most people were upset by the cowardice actions of the dog’s owners. On the other hand, some people felt empathy for the dog’s owner, hypothesizing that abandoning the dog on the side of the road, was a way to possibly keep him away from being brought to a kill shelter, that could have sealed his fate.

The dog was eventually taken to the Animal Rescue League of Boston(ARL), a no-kill facility located on the outskirts of the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The dog, whose name has not been released, was medically examined and found to be in perfect health. The ARL hopes to put him up for adoption, once the Hingham Police Department close an open investigation into the matter, the ARL hope to place the dog up for adoption.

Please keep this precious pup in your thoughts and in your hearts.💕❤

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