Cruel Owner Filmed Repeatedly Punching His Puppy Avoids Jail

Cruel owner Dariusz Jakimowicz has been banned from owning any animals for the next five years after he was caught on video brutally beating his German shepherd in the body and face. Jakimowicz, 36, appeared at Luton Magistrate’s Court late last week in Luton, United Kingdom and pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a dog by physical abuse and blunt force trauma.Dariusz jakimowicz 2

The disturbing cruelty was captured on a video made by his neighbor from a next door bedroom window. According to the Mirror, Jakimowicz, the father of two young daughters, admitted beating the pup named Zeus last summer. The video showed him punching the dog at least ten times in the body and face on just one occasion. At another time, he hit the puppy with a metal rod as the dog “yelped” in agony. Neighbors described hearing the dog “screaming” in pain almost daily.

In court, the investigating RSPCA inspector testified:

“He was punching Zeus so hard that he was shaking and rubbing his fist afterwards because it hurt his hand. He admitted in interview that he did this because he lost his temper. Thankfully Zeus wasn’t left with any long-lasting injuries from this incident.”

The neighbor who videoed the disturbing events then described to the court what she saw:

“I was in my bedroom, and I heard a dog crying. I went to the bedroom window and saw a man I know to be my neighbor… I could see the man holding the dog by the scruff of his neck, and I saw him hit the dog in the body area and punch him with clenched fists. The male punched the dog 10 to 15 times. The dog responded by crying out; he wasn’t fighting back. We could hear the dog crying out on an almost daily basis.”

It wasn’t until the neighbor could finally capture the abuse on video that charges were filed. Before that, Jakimowicz denied all allegations and stated his neighbors were all just jealous of him owning the puppy. Jakimowicz told authorities he would discipline the dog using folded up newspaper, but didn’t think that was animal cruelty. When shown the video however, his story changed, and he offered the explanation the dog had chewed the fence, and he became “very angry.” According to the Daily Mail, Jakimowicz has since expressed remorse and said “if he could go back and change things, he would not have done it.”

Jakimowicz also made the six-month-old puppy wear a pinch collar while walking on a leash. The contraption, described as a “medieval-looking training device” pinches the dog’s skin if they pull on the leash and is not a recommended training method for any dog – especially a puppy. Zeus is now a year old and is described by the RSPCA, where he remains in their care, as the “Brad Pitt of the German shepherd world.”

A jail sentence for 12 weeks was suspended for a year. In addition to the ban on owning or caring for any pets, Jakimowicz must also perform 100 hours of volunteer work and pay all court costs.

(Here photos and video of cruel owner beating German shepherd puppy screenshots via the Mirror)

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