A Cold And Heartless Human Used a Metal Rod To Attack This 10 Week Old Puppy

A ten-week-old puppy is recovering after authorities found him laying unconscious on the side of a road. University Veterinary Specialists(UVS), are presently treating the pup, and took to their Facebook page to update an anxious public saying:

“The UVS Express Pet Transport was dispatched to Bentleyville, PA to assist with a 10-week-old puppy that presented with blunt force trauma to his head as well as both eyes. The proper authorities have been contacted, and an investigation is underway.”

The puppy, who is unnamed at this time, underwent emergency surgery to remove a small piece of the metal rod, that has become lodged inside his skull. Doctors say remarkably, he has recovered from the surgery this past weekend and is out and about wagging his tail and eating food.

UVS continues:

“We are so happy to share this update!
A successful surgery was performed last night, and the puppy is doing well. He has a vision in one eye and will need further monitoring to determine if vision in his other eye can be saved. Watch the video and look at him go!”

Authorities have not said whether or not they are closer to finding the cruel person responsible for committing this horrible crime. Once he is well enough, this precious pup will be put up for adoption. We ask that you keep him in your thoughts and in your hearts.

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