Dog Left and Abandoned In Cage With His Toys, Food And Blanket

The Hingham Police Department in Massachusetts shared three photos of an abandoned dog on their Facebook page that had been found in a cage. The dog was found on 158 Downer Avenue in Hingham at mid morning on Monday, and authorities are hoping someone recognizes the adorable pooch.

“Recognize me? This dog was found in this cage with blanket, leash, food, dog coat and toys on side of road near 158 Downer Ave. at 11:19am today. Had been there less then an hour. It had no microchip,” the police posted on their Facebook page.

In less than one day, the photos and brief explanation of the dog’s abandonment garnered more than 6,500 shares and numerous offers for adoption. Although the overwhelming majority of the comments condemned the owner for abandoning their pet on the side of the road, some people questioned if the owner was afraid the dog would be euthanized if brought to a shelter, if they had been refused trying to surrender their dog at a shelter or if he/she had been protecting the dog from domestic violence. Regardless of the reason, abandoning any animal is illegal and quite frankly a cruel deed. There are always alternatives.

According to the Hingham Police Department, the dog had only been on the side of the road for less than an hour and had no microchip. Inside of his cage, were his blanket, leash, food, dog coat and toys.He had no serious injuries. The dog has been taken to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police at 781.749.1212.

Photos of abandoned dog courtesy of the Hingham Police

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